8 Unbelievable Facts about Dating a Foreigner


There are different ladies in the world that you can choose to date or even marry. However, if you’re dating a foreigner, you must master the ways to win her heart. You might be confused right now how to start your dating ideas because it is your first time to encounter such culture, there is nothing to worry about! Whether you met the girl online or somewhere, your dating ideas must be desirable to make your efforts all worth it.

8 Unbelievable Facts about Dating a Foreigner 1

Are you ready to master the ways of dating a foreigner? In this post, we are going to help you get the right dating ideas in dating a foreigner so you won’t surely miss anything that could change her mind of saying yes to you! Check them out below!

1.  Learn their culture.

The first thing that you have to master is their culture. Other countries embody a culture that is very different from other countries. You might question some of their beliefs, but you should respect them. A foreigner is raised and born with her culture already stringed to her heart. So if you plan to love her, you must love the things that she is born with, which includes the culture. Now, if you like to make fun or disrespect other people’s culture, then this is the right time to say to you that foreign girls aren’t for you. 

For example, if you plan to visit the foreigner in her home, you mustn’t just enter the door right away without acknowledging the people inside the house. You can at least knock and greet her parents with a warm smile or with your head bowed down. It is a sign of respect in other countries to the older personalities you meet or get along with. 

You don’t have to feel nervous, though, as every foreign culture has a warm welcome you would love to experience. The smiles they give will make you feel like you are in your own home, providing you with delicious foods and great things that you can use during your stay. 

2.          Love and respect her family more.

Unlike any other country wherein girls can be independent when they reach 18, the people in other countries don’t follow that type of culture. If you’re dating a foreigner, you will be dating not just her, but also her whole family. It would be best if you won the hearts of her parents as well as her relatives. A little bit hard, right? However, the best thing about courting the whole family is an advantage for you to extend your family too. 

8 Unbelievable Facts about Dating a Foreigner 2

Yes! You’ve read that right! Her family can be your family once they have fallen in love with your intentions to their daughter. You need to spend a lot of effort, energy, and money to impress her family. Although money is not a problem, you still have to spend like a usual suitor. You have to set a budget if you’re short on budget. The families of the foreigner you’re dating want to make sure that you are a good person, so always be ready and show the best version of you. However, it will be a bonus point for you if you learn to give gifts to her and her family. 

3.          Know her more.

The best way to date a foreigner is by knowing her more. This dating idea will give you a hint of what she is as a person. You have to be very attentive with your conversations to create detail lists of what she is like and the things that she doesn’t like. For example, she might randomly tell you about her favorite color, so for your next date, you can give her a gift that is all coated with her favorite color. In this way, she can have an idea that you are serious about dating her. 

Always spend some time to talk to her every day so that she won’t get lost of where she stands in your life. You can send her best hugot quotes and lines that will make her heart beat fast, or by understanding and sharing the same problems that you both can work out together.

Furthermore, it is essential to know the girl you’re dating so that you save yourself from scammers. Even if how good people in other countries are, there will always be bad people. Please take note of this dating idea, especially if you’re dating a foreigner through online chats and not meeting her in person. If she asks for money every time you talk to her, she is probably a scammer.

4.          Be funny.

It is more fun in other countries. You could make a foreigner have good laugh by sharing a simple joke, which they think is funny. So make sure that you bring you some good sense of humor, which you can also learn by reading funny I miss you quotes and sharing it with her. 

Just remember to be careful about giving green jokes since other countries have a sensitive culture. You can try to avoid this by not joking around topics that could counterpart her beliefs and religion. Nevertheless, being funny can be a plus point in dating a foreigner to keep the conversation interesting and engaging. Again, it is important to know her and the culture first to avoid throwing inappropriate jokes. 

5.          She is conservative.

Some foreigners are raised in an environment with decency and conservativeness. It makes her hard to get on your first date. It takes a lot of time and effort in dating a foreigner because that is the type of culture they seek to follow. She is not the same as the women you had before. Expect her to be very conservative about the things that are normally done in your country. And that is the challenge, actually! If you don’t stop wooing her, then she will have the urge to say yes to you. You can have her unreserved. 

8 Unbelievable Facts about Dating a Foreigner 3

Conservativeness is a new rule you should add to your dating ideas for you to have a beautiful date together. If you are a gentleman, it will make her love you more. However, if you take advantage of her, you will surely lose her heart, and a bunch of family relatives will be out to beat you and punish you of the bad things that you’ll do her. That’s a warning that you should keep in mind. Treat her right, and you’ll get her and her family’s heart. Do bad things to a foreigner and you’ll contest with her family and even the justice system of her country.

6.          Respect her religious beliefs.

Other countries have well-known religions which are divided with different religion but unite with one God. If you are dating a foreigner, you can expect her to go to church every week together with her family. 

Now, if you don’t have the same beliefs concerning religion, you have to respect it. Faith is a huge factor in the culture that is followed by the whole family, now if you can’t join them, you have to respect them.

7.          They are different from other women.

Again, we have to remind you how different foreigners are from other women in the world. They are conservative. They value family ties very much and respect their religions wholeheartedly. If you’re not used to these things, then it is time for you to get used to these things for you to accomplish the dating ideas presented in this article. 

Please do not bring the rules and the norm you have back home to the other country, as these two are too different from each other. Their culture could either shocked you or inspire you; anything will do. Whatever may be your feeling, you are learning a new set of cultures that you have to respect and love like your girl. 

8.          Stay polite.

If you are outspoken and very direct about your words, maybe it’s time to slow down. Some foreigners are very soft-spoken and tender, thus resulting in them to be very vulnerable to whatever you say to her. You have to be a gentleman if you want your date to be successful. It would help if you had control of whatever things you say for her to get comfortable with you.  

Furthermore, you can still show her some love by not bluntly telling her things that will offend her, right? You must be a lover boy ethically to keep everything running smoothly in dating a foreigner.


So, now you know that it will not take you the whole world to woo a foreigner. It will only take a lot of good manners, such as being a gentleman and respectful that could win, not just her heart but her whole family too. Master the ways we have presented above, and you can be sure to have the most wonderful and magical date with a foreigner!

Written by Scott Zhou

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  1. Very well written and it’s true that you should learn their culture, understand them, give them time and space to get indulge in your environment and culture. be supportive and keep loving. ❤

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