Audio & Video : Herb Jackson – Praises To You [@Herbmotorvatjah]

Audio & Video : Herb Jackson - Praises To You [@Herbmotorvatjah] 1

Here is a lovely music with a tune that will get you on your feet dancing by Herb Jackson titled “Praises To You”. This song is the proclamation of God’s grace to the world and how wonderful he is to his children so therefore he alone deserves all our Praises.

Herb is telling people anywhere they are that they should give Praises to God for his grace, goodness, mercy, protection and kindness because he alone is worthy to be praise, without him there can’t be a “You” , so give praises to the only source of life “Jesus Christ”.

About Herb Jackson

Herbert James Jackson was born in Boston Mass,he started his music career in 1973 with a local Boston Boy Band called “The Energetics” they pattern themselves after many of the national recording groups of that time, in pursuit of finding their own identity. After years of performing locally and even nationally they auditioned for some of the greatest producers and song writers ever, Such as Gene Redd, Bunny Sigler, Holland Dozier Holland, Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff. The Group eventually landed a recording deal with Atlantic records. The Energetics recorded their first album entitled “Come Down To Earth” for Atlantic in 1979. From that project, they traveled overseas and throughout the provinces of Canada. In 1980 the group went through a few member changes and regrouped in 1981, at which time they secured a recording contract with Tommy Boy Records through Arthur Bakers Shake down Productions. Herb was the group leader and point person that led the group to accept the deal that was placed on the table, Thus “The Energetics” Were no more and the group was transformed into “Planet Patrol” The Group took a weekend trip to Manhattan, New York and recorded an entire six song album Produced by Arthur Baker and John Robie. Fresh off the Heels of the hit song “Planet Rock” By Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force. Planet Patrols first single “Play at your own Risk” became a national and international anthem for Beat boys and girls, pop lockers and Breakers worldwide! “Planet Patrol” became the prototype for New England Boy Bands, after Putting Boston on the map, they paved the way for more contemporary groups from Boston like, Maurice Starr’s “New Edition & New Kids on The Block.” During Herb’s 2 year career with the “Planet Patrol” he encountered a serious substance abuse problem that nearly took his life, which proved to be part of God’s divine plan for his life, and this led him back to God, Herb went through a “Out of Body” experience that caused him to come back to God and leave the music industry for over 15 years, during that time Herb went through ministerial training, became an evangelist, pastured two church’s, and hosted his own Gospel television program. He also became MD for three Gospel radio stations; yes this Young man has quite a testimony, which is why he is now pursuing his music ministry through his own label and Gospel production company Gospotainment Music Group.

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Facebook:  Herb jackson


Twitter : @Herbmotorvatjah


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