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Europe based Nigerian indigenous Gospel artiste, Uchey Ezeomedo has released her debut album titled “Oga Na Master”.

Uchey whose music ministry/career dates back as far back as her early childhood, said;

“Growing up in a Catholic family, I was privileged to identify with the junior Charismatic group in the church and it wasn’t long before I began to lead in songs.

The group was quite known such that we began to attend charismatic conferences from my village to Enugu city and the surroundings.

Everyone saw my singing gift as natural because my maternal uncle until his demise was the music director of the local church”.

Sharing the inspiration behind each song in the album, Uchey said Five of the songs came during worship time and two came in dreams.

She continued, saying:

“Oga na Master” is an expression of the almighty power of God in a believer’s life. So far its the toughest work I’ve had to do with any song.

The first two parts of the melody came to me in my dream and I had to complete it. The beat was more like jazz so I had to think of what to do with it.

Seeing that an increased tempo would make it sound like our traditional highlife, I quickly adopted that.

My love for the idea of using a language that was once looked down on to praise the author of languages made me choose pidgin English.

Finally my personal experience of deliverance, interventions, grace, power and testimonies in my walk with him influenced the topic and my choice of word.

In all its the power of our supreme God meeting us at our choice traditional genre and the lowest expression of our local vibes.

I have become all things to all man…1 Corinthians 9:19-23 (though the outcome of the instrumentation was not my original conception, my voicing as well, I hope to get them in remix).

“My First Love” This song expresses overwhelming emotions for the object of our love, lord Jesus Christ.

Like rehearsing my own part of the bridal song at the wedding of the lamb.That’s also the strength of the emotion that it carries.

It’s so expressed in the wordings. I had decided to do it as highlife but I had a change of mind almost at the dying minute because I was concerned that concentrating on the highlife beats people may lose a bit of their attention to the intensity of the confession of our love for him.

“Oga Na Master” is now available on all digital stores.

Listen To Oga Master On YouTube :


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Twitter: @a_ezeomedo

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