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HEAD TO HEAD – Marvel Joks’ “Oghene Doh  vs Frank Edwards’ “Oghene Doh” (@marveljoks, @frankrichboy

HEAD TO HEAD – Marvel Joks’ “Oghene Doh  vs Frank Edwards’ “Oghene Doh” (@marveljoks, @frankrichboy 1

HEAD TO HEAD – Marvel Joks’ “Oghene Doh  vs Frank Edwards’ “Oghene Doh” (@marveljoks, @frankrichboy

 Head to Head is where we review music/music videos of songs that have certain similarities and common grounds. We pitch the music/music videos head to head and discover who nailed it or failed it. Each music/music video will first be reviewed separately then compared one to another based on storytelling, costume, make up, picture quality, props, relevance of video to song, choreography, attention to details, rhythm,lyrics,depths,unity,  direction and location. So, here goes –

*Both songs talks about Thanksgiving and Exaltation to God.



Head to HeadThe song starts with a solemn beat then follows the lyrics which speaks on the wonderful creation of God and how grateful he is to be a part of such wonderful creation. The tempo increases to that of a rocky beat that thrills and captivates the listeners, the strings, vocals and align together to bring out a melodious rhythm. At a particular stage he emphasizes on lyrics Oghene doh using his language to exalt the name of God. We can easily connect to the song as it depicts clarity and conciseness.




Head to HeadOghene doh” by frank Edwards was singlehandedly sung by him in gratitude to  God for what He has done for him in the past few years. The genre of music is that of “SOUL” . He expresses the thoughts of his heart using emotional appeal to captivate the attention of the listeners

Score Board                                                           

Frank Edwards                    Marvel Joks

*Relevance to song –            17                                           16

*Lyrics –                                  20                                          20

*Message –                              16                                           17

*Rhythm –                                17                                           20

*Attention to lyrics –              17                                            20

*Over all –                                 87%                                       91%

After much look into and deliberations its obvious that Marveljoks has more marks and has great qualities in the music.



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