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Nigerian gospel music artist and minister Peter Linus, better known by the name PITA recently shared a testimony of how God restored him from a stroke!

The young and stylish musician who is easily recognizable by his signature hairstyle and beard, has blessed us with beautiful projects like “AS I AM: The Journey So Far”, “The Yearning”, and “AS I AM: IN HIS IMAGE”.

He has also appeared on the stages of many different stages of different concerts from headlining his own “PITA Live In Concert” featuring some of the biggest names in music ministry, to the famed “Night Of Worship”.

Earlier in the year, the sonorous singer was caught in a life-death situation which at the time, was rather scary to those who witnessed it. It was an unforgettable event which to the glory of God, has made PITA a much better person and Christian.

On the heel of one of the BREATHE Concerts, this particular one being in Warri, PITA began to feel certain uncomfortable symptoms such as severe migraines, among others. Soon after, he reached out to a close friend and fellow minister, Onos to share his current status.

He then visited the hospital and initially got treated for an illness, but he returned two days later and it was at that point that it was apparent he had suffered a partial stroke. The illness caused him to have some amnesia in addition to other nervous anomalies. He was however restored to sound health not too long after that.

Since then, PITA has gotten a new lease on life and has returned to doing what he knows best, singing! The single “GOODNESS AND MERCY” by Onos and featuring PITA, was recorded after his recovery from the illness.

He recently hosted Onos Ariyo on his Instagram in a live session where she shared some of the story behind what happened. It is speculated that a short documentary chronicling the “full gist”, is to be released soon. But until then, watch the Instagram live session with Onos Ariyo below:

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