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Lyric Video: Nara Ekele – Kayode Olusoji

Kayode Olusoji - Nara Ekele

Gospel Music Minister, Author and songwriter, Kayode Olusoji, has released a new lyric video titled Nara Ekele, which means receive thanks.

From the record of the little lad that gave his meal to Jesus, five loaves of bread and two fishes. We realized that Jesus gave thanks to God for the meal and it multiplied. The meal of a small lad was able to feed 5,000 men with much left over.

This shows we all have to always thanks to God for everything and for anything we wwant.

Kayode Olusoji speaking about the inspiration behind the song, stated

I caught a revelation from this bible passage 19 years ago. I working as a University graduate this time but I was complaining and murmuring because I was receiving a meager salary.

One day as I was reading about how Jesus fed five thousand men with just a meal of a small lad, the Holy Spirit ministered to me and said, ‘Whatever I don’t thank God for, will never increase”. Jesus gave thanks for that little meal and it multiplied more than five thousand times.

They were all fed with some left over. I changed my mindset since then and I started thanking God for the little. Today, I have seen God increasing me over the years.

I want to encourage someone to say Nara Ekele to God today. Count your blessings and name them one by one. And it will surprise you what the Lord will do.

Watch Lyric Video Below

About Kayode Olusoji

Speak the name Kayode Olusoji, and visions of dynamic worship songs and lively praise of African tunes spiced with a Contemporary flavor will rush to mind.

He is known for his Cross-cultural songs and smooth blending of African tunes with a contemporary flavor, creating a unique style of music which he described as Afro Contempo Gospo Music.

His ministration is always filled with the aura and the presence of God, leaving his audience speechless, craving for more of God.

Kayode is a man on a mission and he has also released several singles namely Arise, Mo Moore and others

His mission is to reach out to the world through songs and groom the true worshippers who will worship God in Spirit and in truth, in accordance with the mandate given to him by God in 1996.

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Written by Joy Okorie

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