Music: Beautiful Nigerian – Benny Ats Ft. DeRap Tradition[@1BennyAts]

Music: Beautiful Nigerian - Benny Ats Ft. DeRap Tradition[@1BennyAts] 1

“Beautiful Nigerian” is not just a song, it’s a whole reality put
together in sound and melody. The song is an echo of the Beauty that resides deep in the heart of Nigerians.

Beautiful Nigerian

So many times we are quick to judge even ourselves of no value but we don’t even wait to hear what
God says of us. This is one of such songs from the heart of God. I
heard him call you Beautiful and I have decided to call you so. You
are a Beautiful Nigerian.

This young man was around last year with Tongue of Fire, he is back
this time with an entirely different style all together to his credit
called “Beautiful Nigerian”.

“Benny At’s” is an Abuja based artist, a final year student of Theatre
and Performing Arts, A.B.U,Zaria. His love and passion gets him coming
with a unique sound that will knock you of your feet.
He is the founder of “DeRap Tradition”, a group that employs the use
of local percussion ( instruments) to produce music. His sound really
makes the difference.

Here is “Benny At’s” with his single Beautiful Nigerian from his
working project featuring DeRap Tradition. The sound is truly

Twitter: @1BennyAts

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