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Music: Praise Jam- Eloho

Eloho makes a stunning comeback with her latest single Praise
Jam. Unrestrained was released earlier this year and has continued
to bless and uplift our Spirit of listeners all over the world .

Praise Jam  can be defined as a genius collaboration and excellent
blend of unique musical elements  which makes for a worthy offering to the
King of Kings, the captain of our Savior and Master of the universe – Jesus
Christ for His love and faithfulness through the course of the year.

Praise Jam is World Fusion – a cocktail of a contemporary rhythm meshed
with African percussive elements. A periodical intermission of Jazz with
the horns section and an ever constant melodic rhythm of acoustic guitars

Borne from a grateful heart, Eloho and Sunkey teams up to create a
masterpiece that will in no time become a favorite on the playlist of every
lover of good Gospel music.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/elohosmusic

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