People Changing The Face of Gospel music in Nigeria 2014

Chris Oyakhilome

It’s a yearly ritual for us here at to make a list of the people changing the face of gospel music in Nigeria. This is when we recognise and appreciate these people for impacting gospel music and entertainment in Nigeria.

Here is the list of the people changing the face of gospel music in Nigeria in no particular order.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome :

For Decades now the very revered Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, President of Love World Ministries and founding Pastor; Christ Embassy has been impacting and influencing the outcome of Nigerian gospel music. From starting the first church-owned gospel music label to the first church-owned gospel music distribution network and recently the Christ embassy choir bagged the Guinness world record for the largest gospel music choir 2015. It’s no more news that arguably 70% of the most successful gospel music artists in Nigeria are from Christ embassy. He is also known for lavishly giving his gospel music ministers gifts in forms of whooping sums of cash and expensive cars. He also specifically teaches them and impacts them with the word and ministry ethics through the periodic music ministers’ conference. To this end, Pastor, you are one of Gospotainment’s People Changing Gospel music.

Pastor Paul Adefarasin :

For 10 years now, House on the rock under the leadership of Pastor Paul has successfully hosted the biggest gospel music concert in Africa. This culminated with the hosting of The Experience Lagos COncert 10 on the 4th of December, 2015. The concert has come to become the pilgrimage centre of gospel music and is the dream platform for every gospel act.  Also, this year has seen House on the Rock produce the next generation of gospel music superstars in the likes of Glowreeyah Braimah and Onos, not forgetting hit music maker Wilson Joel who is the music Director at House on the Rock. This is all made possible because of the atmosphere and the platform that the leadership of House on the rock has created. To this end, Pastor, You are one of Gospotainment’s People changing  Gospel music in Nigeria.

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo:

It’s no news among gospel artists that the best place to go perform and get a mind blowing honorarium plus first-class hospitality is Common Wealth of Zion (COZA). Under the auspices of Pastor Biodun, COZA has developed a culture of treating gospel music ministers exceptionally well.   Also, the COZA Abuja choir has since been tagged to be one of the best choirs in Nigeria in terms of artistry and professionalism. All this would not be possible if the Pastor didn’t create the right atmosphere for such level of excellence to thrive. COZA has also set an example of how to treat church musicians by giving them a good pay package and benefits. Pastor, for this reason, you are one of Gospotainment’s People Changing Gospel music in Nigeria

Mike Abdul:

The quartet member of Midnight Crew, Mike Abdul is the most featured popular gospel music artist in recordings and music videos. He has such a passion for upcoming artists that he would gladly lend his voice and expertise to their music and career free of charge. There is nothing that encourages an upcoming artist like working with a known name.   He is also the first gospel artist who has successfully floated a label and produced a hit artist. He is the CEO at Spaghetti Record in which Monique is signed.  For these reasons and many more, Mr Mike, you are one of Gospotainment’s People Changing Gospel music in Nigeria.

Deji Irawo :

In the days when nobody was thinking of making gospel music and Christian entertainment media a full-time ministry, Mr Deji irawo of X2D has set his mind on it. Hence the global gospel and inspirational entertainment brand Xclusive 2 Divinity. He has been in forefront of promoting gospel music and Christian entertainment for decades now. Blazing trails and charting new courses.  He and his team of brilliant staff are currently working to own the first all inspirational entertainment TV channel in Nigeria. Despite the challenges of running a Christian media organization, he still makes out time to speak to gospel artistes and be present in many of the numerous gospel events around the country. Mr Deji. You are one of Gospotainment’s People Changing Gospel Music in Nigeria.

Dan Foster:

He is one of the best voices that ever graced the airwaves in Nigeria. His African American accent and hilarious nature singled him out from all other on Air personalities in Nigeria. His sincerity, vivaciousness and charisma created for him cult followership in the broadcasting sphere. But in his entire sojourn on various radio stations, he carried the gospel music with him. From Cool Fm to Inspiration Fm and now City FM, Dan foster made sure that gospel music is heard every day. He initiated gospel music events in every one of the stations he worked. Though he has left the former two and is now in the third, the yearly gospel event he started in Cool FM and Inspiration FM are still standing.   He plays gospel music on the radio whether its Sunday or Monday. Many gospel artists got their break on-air because Dan foster wouldn’t stop playing their music, though many times he risked being sacked and endangered his station, still he wouldn’t stop. Mr Dan, You are one of Gospotainment’s People Changing Gospel music in Nigeria.

Tolucci :

Tolucci is a music producer, video director, Music director, coach, event organiser and may more.  In the past few years, He has consistently hosted his M.A.S.S gospel concert with or without corporate sponsorship. Music According to the Streets and Scriptures ( M.A.S.S) is one the largest concert hosted by an artist outside Lagos. He has been in the gospel music ministry for decades, inspiring and motivating everybody he comes in contact with, offering high quality but cheap and sometimes free services to encourage up and coming acts. Mr Tolucci, You are one of Gospotainment’s People Changing Gospel music in Nigeria.

Asu Ekiye

Apart from being a multiple award-winning gospel music minister with decades of impactful ministry, Asu has been on the mission of uniting gospel music ministers nationwide. Bringing gospel music ministers together under an umbrella body has been a herculean task for decades now, various efforts to institute a unifying body for gospel music ministers have proved abortive. In the past few years, celebrated gospel music minister Asu Ekiye has taken it upon himself to create a unifying body and this he has achieved with the formation of Fellowship of Gospel Music Ministers of Nigeria (FOGMMON). This organization is fast spreading all over the country with branches even in the US and UK, Uniting Nigerian gospel music ministers nationwide and in the diaspora. Mr Asu, You are one of Gospotainment’s People Changing Gospel music in Nigeria.

Isabella Ogo Uzodike :

Isabella is a gospel music minister based in the UK, she one of the most vibrant Nigerian female gospel music artist in Diaspora. Though she is out there, her impact is felt here. Recently, she spearheaded the formation of an all-women music ministers organization tagged W.A.O.M.M.  Women of African Origin in Music Ministry( WAOMM) is an organization whose main objective is to act as a bridge; a springboard; a voice; and a support system in and through which women of African origin in music ministry can be supported, encouraged and empowered to discover, develop, demonstrate and deliver excellence in their ministries to the glory of God. This organization has branch around the world and since its inception has been actively involved in redefining the role of women in the gospel music ministry. Mrs Isabella, You are one of Gospotainment’s People Changing Gospel music in Nigeria.

Ucheena Thelma Eshareturi:

She is the brain behind the highly successful gospel music talent hunt Destiny Child Gospel talent hunt.  From the city of Abuja, this great project started and went nationwide and has been running for three years now. With little or no corporate sponsorship, Ucheena and her team of highly motivated individuals planned and produced the best world-class gospel talent hunt TV Show that Nigeria has ever seen for three seasons, giving out mouth-watering prizes to winners. She even took the winners on several tours including a trip to South Africa and lots of TV appearances.  To this end Mrs Uchenna , You are one of Gospotainment’s People Changing Gospel Music in Nigeria.

There are many other persons who are doing amazing things for gospel music but because of the limited nature of this list, we cannot accommodate everybody, but God sees and knows you and we recognise and appreciate your works. Thank you for doing what you do; till we come your way again next year, I am Perry Martins.

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