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Popular Basketball Player,Jeremy Lin gets intimate with Christ


jeremy-linPopular basketballer, Jeremy Lin has revealed he began reading Pastor Tim Keller’s book Prayer to help improve his prayer life and intimacy with Christ – and the star basketball player believes it’s helped him head in the right direction.

In an email sent to his digital prayer group, 28-year-old guard, who was signed to the Brooklyn Nets last year, identified Keller, the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, as his “favorite author”.

“I’ve recently been reading Prayer by Tim Keller (my favorite author),” he said. “I’ve been sharing for basically this whole season how I’ve been on this journey to improve my prayer life and intimacy with Christ and this book’s definitely pointing me in the right direction.”

Lin said that in his 2014 book, Keller discusses how prayer is a response to the conversation with us that God has already started through Scripture.

“I’m going to keep reading this book and wrestling with the concepts, but continued prayer that conversation with God would be second-nature,” the athlete said. “If anything happens in my day or if I interact with someone, that immediately I would go to prayer instinctually and just converse with God.”

The point guard, who in February began playing again after missing 26 games due to a series of hamstring injuries, went on to praise God for his team’s improved play, his continued health, and the blessing of being a part of the NBA.

“It just feels like our team is building an identity, growing in confidence and everyone’s settling nicely into their roles,” he said. “I’m really thankful to be on the team with these guys. Even though we have the worst record in the NBA, I know how hard these guys work and what kind of teammates they are so I’m genuinely thankful to God for this season’s experience to be able to play alongside them.”

The Christian athlete also asked his followers to pray his upcoming trip to Asia will go “smoothly” and positively impact his fans overseas.

“We are doing it a little differently and letting the fans help design much of this year’s Asia trip, but it requires a TON of work, planning and time,” he said of the annual trip.

Earlier this year, the athlete shared how he leaned on God while sidelined due to his injuries. According to Lin, God’s taught him a great deal about gratitude and humility through his physical trials.

“Thank you for everyone’s support and prayers! Not gonna lie, this season’s been very painful physically, mentally and emotionally, not being able to battle with my crew night in night out,” Lin wrote on Instagram at the time. “But God’s been teaching me a lot about gratitude for the little things, full surrender of my greatest dreams, humility in service to my teammates and trust in His perfect timing. I’m working extremely hard to get right again … thanks again for the love!”