Pst E. A. Adeboye Prayed for Bishop Oyedepo prior to the plane crash incident

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Bishop David Oyedepo recounting on the saga of his plane crash  while giving his testimony revealed that the general overseer of Redeem Christian Church of God Pastor E. A. Adeboye had come unannounced to pray for him in his home before he traveled.

While praying, it was said that Pastor E. A. Adeboye acted on divine instructions from God that he should go to Bishop Oyedepo’s home very early at 6.30am prior Bishop Oyedepo’s journey. While recounting the encounter he had before his journey, Bishop Oyedepo shared,

On Friday preceding the journey that we made, my father in the Lord showed up at 6:30 early in the morning and saw a vision and wasn’t sleeping, and said, ‘Lord, Lord, why seek the living among the dead? No, no…’ So, he took off and landed here before 6:30am. No, there was no idea that he was coming, and there was no discussion after it. The heart of the father will be drawn to the heart of the son to defend.

Well Known Nigerian Gospel Musician, Nathaniel Bassey shared on his Instagram, adding that there is always a connection between Spiritual parents and their children, he further explained the regard Pastor Adeboye had for Bishop for him to have come down that early after hearing from God to pray for him and also for Bishop Oyedepo’s humility in accepting him and kneeling for his prayers. He further said

What if Bishop was the type who didn’t care to listen and honour a man sent to Him from God? Now this scripture makes more sense to me, “honor thy father and mother, that it may be well with you, and that you may live long…”
Yet we live in a generation that ridicules parents. Biological and spiritual. Father be merciful on us!
I’m glad I’m alive to see these things. And I’m learning. Help me Lord.
Once again Thank you Lord. Thank you for Fathers like Pastor E.A Adeboye who still hear clearly from God. We give to you alone all the glory.

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