The Battle of Bordeaux

battle of bodueax

There are many football matches that have had connotations of a Battle during the years. It is possible to go to 1xBet – check new bookmakers in Nigeria to bet and win with all these matches with extra excitement.

There is a match that was played in the 1938 FIFA World Cup which came to be known as the Battle of Bordeaux. This was one of the quarter-final contests where Czechoslovakia and Brazil faced each other. As it can be guessed from its given name, the contest was an extremely brutal one. There were horrific fouls and tackles coming from both sides. The extreme leniency from the referee Pál von Hertzka didn’t help too much to calm things down.

There were lots of fouls, injuries and sending offs. In more modern matches, it is possible to bet on these things at the new 1xBet bookmakers, which is a great site to check-in Nigeria and people can win big.

How did the match take place

The match was played on the 12th of June 1938 and ended in a 1-1 tie. The goals were scored by Leonidas for Brazil and Nejedly for the Czechoslovak squad. While waiting for current matches of Brazil, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, make sure to check the bookmaker 1xBet live casino, which gives a great betting experience.

However, this final score was one of the things that mattered the least during the match. For example, at the 10th minute mark, Brazilian Zeze Procopio was sent off after a violent foul. It should be remembered that there were no red cards at the time. Therefore, referees needed to verbally tell players when they were being cautioned or sent off.

Not only that, because prior to the end of the first half, Jan Riha and Arthur Machado for the Czechoslovaks and the Brazilians respectively were also sent off. While looking at everything that happens during football matches, the live casino of the 1xBet bookmaker is a great place to try your winning chances.

Lots of injuries

The second half of the match wasn’t any better in terms of brutality. Whenever yellow or red cards appear on a football game, make sure to wager on them at the, as users can guess whether they will appear or not. At the end of the match many players got broken limbs and other serious injuries, such as:

  • Frantisek Planicka;
  • Oldrich Nejedly;
  • Leonidas;
  • Peracio;
  • and Josef Kostalek.

The game ended 1-1 in the 90 minutes. Therefore, they needed to go into extra time. Planicka, despite having a very painful broken arm, was able to continue playing. It should be remembered that there were no substitutions at that time. Currently the game has changed a lot, and in 1xBet, it is possible to even wager on the players who will leave and enter a match.

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