The controversial introduction of VAR

VAR war in sports

The Video Assistant Referee, better known as VAR, is one of the most controversial aspects introduced to football during recent decades. You can visit – best sports betting in Ghana, and wager in hundreds of different football matches at any moment.

FIFA has been historically reluctant to introduce technological advancements to the game. However, tools similar to VAR have been used in many other sports prior to its introduction in football, such as:

  • American football;
  • rugby;
  • and tennis.

Sepp Blatter was the president of FIFA between 1998 and 2015, and during his tenure he strongly opposed the introduction of technological tools that could assist referees. However, everything changed when Gianni Infantino became president of football’s governing body. He was completely open to introducing VAR and other revolutionary aspects into the game. The 1xBet Ghana platform is available in mobile and desktop formats, and it offers the best sports betting experience in football and many other sports.

Full rollout of the technology

After many tests in different football competitions and matches, VAR was fully implemented in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The 1xBet mobile version offers betting opportunities in many football events, in competition such as the FIFA World Cups and many others.

VAR helped referees in improving their rate of correct calls in the FIFA World Cup and all the other competitions where it has been implemented. According to FIFA, the rate of correct calls made by referees has increased from 95% to 99.5%.

It should also be noted that VAR is used for a limited number of situations. It is possible to bet on them at the mobile version of 1xBet, and some examples are penalties, goal/no goal situations and straight red cards. This means that VAR can not be used in instances such as determining goal kicks vs corner kicks, yellow cards or others.

Criticism of VAR

As its name implies, VAR is only intended to be an assistant to referees. It is the referee who makes the last call. Punters can also know all situations in a football match by visiting, which gives the opportunity to follow events in real-time and place live wagers.

The main criticism is aimed at the moments when the tool is used. There have been many evident wrong calls by referees that weren’t reviewed with the system. Also, referees’ judgment is still needed for certain situations, such as penalties, even when checking them with VAR. And on many occasions, it is up to their interpretation of the situation what is the final call that is made. Going to 1xBet offers the chance to bet on all the situations that are reviewed by VAR, such as goals, penalties, cards and much more.


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