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Vote for Week 19: BEST 10 GOSPEL MUSIC HITS

best 10 gospel hits

This chart is getting interesting.  On the Best 10 gospel music hits this week,  Buchi’s song “it’s still legal” moves to the No. 1 spot,  and we see Eric Arubayi’s  latest single debut at No. 6,  also Ese Osa formerly Liora debuts at No. 7 with her latest jam “Bigger”.

Your vote came make a difference. Vote to keep you favourite song in the best 10 gospel chart. 

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  1. What a nice job you’re doing here sir, I’ll like #You are holy by oludrey to be on the chart. Thanks a billion.

  2. Kudos to gospotainment but this chart is incomplete without this song , YOU ARE HOLY by oludrey. its blesses my heart each time I listen to it.

  3. I do not think voting is excluded from this directive. We should make our politics subordinate to the Gospel, not the other way around. When we vote we should think, “Am I glorifying the Lord with this decision?”

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