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Watch Chevelle Franklyn Trill fans at The Experience 16 2021

Chevelle Franklyn

One of Jamaica’s finest and a regular at ‘The Experience Concert Lagos’, Chevelle Franklyn treated fans to the reggae version of one of our popular songs “Olorun To Da Awon” at this year’s edition Experience 16.

The gospel music singer further lit up the atmosphere with several other of her songs such as ‘Amazing‘ and ‘No Foreign God‘ to the delight of the enthusiastic global audience, switching between reggae, dancehall and ragga sounds. Her unique vocals and the harmony of the backup ladies smouldered through the entire ministration, accentuating the instrumentation of the band, thus delivering a stellar rendition.

The Chevelle Franklyn performance was recorded in Kingston, Jamaica and broadcast at The Experience Lagos Concert 2021.

Watch Chevelle Franklyn The Experience Lagos performance on Youtube

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