What it Means to be Dating as a Christian in 2020

christian dating in 2020

It can be difficult to understand what is right when dating as a Christian. There is so much advice out there that it can feel overwhelming, even when the advice is coming from a fellow Christian. If you are part of a number of Christian communities, then you would have noticed how diverse the advice that is given out is, even though your faith, Lord and baptism is the same. To help you understand what it means to be dating as a Christian in 2020, then here is some advice you might want to take on board.

Love God First

The first rule when it comes to dating as a Christian is to love the Lord first. You will never truly fall in love with anyone if you don’t love God the most, and no one will love you truly if they don’t love God more than you. The Lord should capture your heart, mind and soul. If your heart is not fully devoted, your mind distracted, and your soul isn’t secure through faith, then your dating life will not go well.

The Golden Rule in Dating

After you embrace the first and best commandment, the golden rule in dating is to lean hard on the people you know best, love you most, and will tell you when you’re wrong. This is not the first rule because you should be thinking about God before you make any dream, decision, calling or relationship come true. There are many ways to fall to sin and subtly reject God’s wisdom, so don’t do it.

Listen to Others

Whatever your religion, we are all faced with a huge number of questions when we start dating. This leads to a never-ending load of advice and opinions, some of which you should listen to. In many cases, we won’t experience trouble when finding an answer, because the only thing we listen to is what we want to hear. However, you should do your best to listen to loved ones who want what’s best for you.

Find the Right Dating Site

Dating sites are a quick, easy, cheap and efficient way to meet people all over the world. Creating an online dating profile is a great idea if you are dating as a Christian, but you need to make sure you find and join the right dating site. If you would like to join a religious dating platform, then you can find a list here of potential sites to find a partner who shares the same deep religious beliefs as you do. 

Always Enjoy Yourself

The main thing you need to do when you start dating is enjoy yourself. You may not find your dream man or woman straight away, but you should never rush things or doubt yourself. Just be patient, take your time to get to know people and make sure that they have the same level of religious belief as you do. Going to new places and getting to know someone with similar interests to you can be a lot of fun.

Christian dating doesn’t have to be a chore and should be something you embrace. Just make sure that you are safe when meeting up with strangers and listen to God.

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