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Covid19: Church receives grant as services continue

Bishop Auckland Methodist Church has received a grant  of £14,797 by Gaunless Gateway Big Local Partnership (GGBLP).

This is to enable her continue with her services despite the pandemic.

The church has employed the creative talents of six young people alongside partner 105.9 BishopFM to reach those at home and unable to attend their regular place of community activities and worship.

When community groups can meet again in buildings, the church, that stands on Cockton Hill Road, will provide a venue for community gatherings with the potential to live stream to those unable to attend in person.

Those unable to access a local place of worship will be able to tune in to 105.9 BishopFM on a Sunday morning.

Rev John Purdy said:

“The generosity of this grant enables people of all ages and backgrounds to be linked together as we support one another at this difficult time.

“For some of our people who had been coming here for over 60 years to be unable to attend was heartbreaking, but now with the help of talented young people and the right technology, they are reconnected once more and feel as if they are still a part of the community they love.”

Brief Info about GGBLP:

The Gaunless Gateway Big Local Partnership is a resident led proactive organisation in South-West Bishop Auckland.

They representing the communities of Cockton Hill, Henknowle, Woodhouse Close/Tindale Crescent, St Helens Auckland and West Auckland, some of the most deprived wards in County Durham.  

It came together to identify the needs and aspirations of these local communities and to agree how best to use the £1 million Big Local fund available.

Their Objective:

The Partnership’s objectives are to manage the ten year programme to meet the area’s long term vision and outcomes to make a positive and lasting difference to the communities of West Bishop Auckland.

The Partnership is looking at: creating more local jobs,  improving health and wellbeing, increasing activities that children and young people can get involved in, bringing different generations together,  reducing crime and improving community safety.

Written by Victor Ekong

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