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PSALM 68 – Beautiful and thrilling EP release by SLB

SLB - Psalm 68 (EP)

SLB, the dynamic trio of brothers known as St. Luce Brothers, have unveiled their inaugural EP, “Psalm 68.” Born into a musical family where their sisters, recognized as the St. Luce Sisters, dominated the vocal spectrum, SLB has carved their unique musical path, creating a synergy that goes beyond the realms of music.

In their musical journey, SLB has treated audiences to hits such as ‘Hold Me Close,’ ‘By My Side,’ and the unofficial FIFA 2022 World Cup anthem ‘Football Makes The World Go Round,’ a collaboration supported by Hillyfield Primary Academy. Now, fueled by a global ambition to touch hearts, SLB presents their debut EP, ‘Psalm 68,’ weaving themes of faith, hope, and joy in an effort to create a profound connection with listeners. The choice of ‘Psalm 68’ holds deep significance, adding an emotional layer to their musical narrative.

The EP is a testament to SLB’s diverse musical influences, featuring a unique blend of self-produced R&B, Afro-fusion, neo-soul, and rap. Rooted in their upbringing, which absorbed musical genres ranging from country to Motown, SLB’s sound stands out with its fusion of genres, complemented by profound lyrical content exploring love, faith, and resilience. Notably, British rapper Luke November lends his dynamic perspective to ‘Yeshua,’ making it a track that demands attention.

Expressing their aspirations, SLB states, “Our EP ‘Psalm 68’ is a heartfelt attempt to touch the lives of listeners worldwide. We aspire for this collection to be a wellspring of joy and inspiration, forging a deeper connection with our audience through its messages of faith, hope, and joy.”

Reflecting on their journey, SLB highlights the pivotal year 2017 when they officially united as a trio. Since then, they have collaborated with influential figures such as Nicky Brown, Isaiah Raymond, and Nick Michaels of ‘Bethnal.’ Their journey has included notable performances, including a poignant event honoring civil rights legend Andrew Mlangeni, where SLB paid tribute through powerful renditions of “Something Inside So Strong” and “Redemption Song.”

“Psalm 68” is now available on all major digital streaming platforms, inviting music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of SLB’s debut EP, a testament to their musical prowess and dedication to touching the hearts of a global audience.

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Written by Samuel GodAnswers

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