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His Presence – Song by Handsome Brown Ft. Emma Onyx

Handsome Brown Ft. Emma Onyx - His Presence

“Encountering Divine Harmony: Handsome Brown’s Transformative ‘His Presence’ Featuring Emma Onyx”

In a captivating collaboration, Handsome Brown and Emma Onyx deliver a soul-stirring song, “His Presence,” that transcends mere musicality to become a heartfelt prayer. Inspired by Exodus 33:13-14 and 18, the track is more than just an artistic creation—it’s a divine revelation.

Handsome Brown, not only a talented singer but also a worship leader and evangelist by calling, shares his personal journey from darkness to the marvelous light of God. In his own words, “His Presence” is a manifestation of a prayer bestowed upon him by the Holy Spirit. The scriptural confirmation from Exodus 33:13-14 and 18 adds a profound layer to the song, illustrating the transformative power of faith.

The artist hails from Amaokpara in Nkwerre local government, Imo state, and holds a degree in public administration and management from Dorben Polytechnic, Abuja. This diverse background enriches the depth of his musical expression, infusing it with authenticity and a genuine connection to his spiritual roots.

The collaboration with Emma Onyx adds an extra dimension to the track. Emma, known for his emotive and powerful vocals, complements Handsome Brown’s style, creating a synergy that elevates “His Presence” to a higher realm of musical and spiritual experience.

“His Presence” is not just a song; it’s a sonic journey that resonates with those seeking a connection with the divine. The lyrics, coupled with the emotive delivery by Handsome Brown and Emma Onyx, invite listeners to join in a spiritual conversation. The music becomes a vessel for the transformation described by Handsome Brown, taking the audience from darkness into the marvelous light through the power of worship.

Produced with precision by [Insert Producer’s Name], the track boasts a seamless blend of instrumentation and vocals. The production quality enhances the overall listening experience, allowing the message of “His Presence” to shine through with clarity and impact.

As the song resonates with themes of spiritual awakening and divine connection, it becomes a beacon of hope for those navigating their own journeys of faith. “His Presence” is a testament to the transformative power of prayer and the ability of music to convey profound spiritual experiences.

In conclusion, Handsome Brown and Emma Onyx’s collaborative effort in “His Presence” transcends the boundaries of conventional worship music. It is an invitation to experience the divine, a musical prayer that opens a gateway to spiritual transformation. As the song echoes through digital platforms, it promises to touch hearts and souls, leaving an indelible mark on those who seek solace and inspiration in the embrace of God’s presence.

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Music Lyrics:

Intro:: the song of the elders 

We join 24 elders

We join the Cherubims and the Seraphims,

We left our voice and say… ….yeh he he…

Oh oh oh… I left my voice and say…….

Aye.. aye aye  aye ..6x

The song of the elders 

We left our voice  and say ….(4×)

Solo1………… ma nje na ke onye  ishi   osi na chimu di nma(2x)

Ma nje na ke onye ngworo osi na chimu di nma(2×)

Ma nje na ke onye obgu ochileremu aka elu

Aka ahu ochileremu ogosiri na chimu di nma,

Unquestionably God, I don’t have a question for you, I know you love me,

I know that  you care for me, 

That’s why I sing…


Only you deserve all my worship 

Solo2…………ma nje na ke onye  ishi   osi na chimu di nma,

Ma nje na ke onye ngworo osi na chimu di nma,

Ma nje na ke onye obgu ochileremu aka elu

Aka ahu ochileremu ogosiri na chimu di nma,

That’s why I left my voice and say,


Only you deserve all my worship 

Bridge……………. tounges……….. we joined the 24 elders

 we left our voice and say 

You deserve it all (2×) Tounges………………

We joined the 24 elders and say…

We left our voice and say 

Aye, aye aye…(6×) Tounges…………we joined the 24 elders and say. (X)

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Written by Samuel GodAnswers

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