How to reduce stress before an event: tips and tools

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In this edition of Gospelbuzz Lifestyle, we want to talk about how to reduce stress levels before an event.

In fact, any event that does not fit into the order of our ordinary life (and in our expectations) even minimally is already a sufficient source of stress. And even when this is a planned and expected event, the level of stress will still not decrease. But rather, it will increase, because, in a certain way, the outcome of this event will be in the zone of your responsibility. Regardless of whether you are a participant or an organizer of the event, it is normal to experience the excitement on the verge of stress. This article will help you deal with this.

Ways to Reduce Stress

Create Check-Lists with Deadlines and Stick to Them

To reduce stress when preparing for the event, you need to create checklists and set a deadline for each task. Of course, the organizers and participants will have different tasks, but the checklist approach works well for everyone. Use a traditional notebook and pen, or any of today’s apps like Todoist.

Moreover, be sure to set deadlines for each task and mark what has already been completed. Even a single glance at the list of completed tasks will give you a sense of confidence that everything is going according to plan. As we have said, stress is triggered by extraordinary events, and clear planning gives a clear vision of the situation and calmness.

Take Care of Your Health with Additional Vitamins

When our body is under stress, for example, caused by the expectation of an event, it uses all our physical resources to survive. Do you know why it is possible to lose weight from stress? It is for this reason – the body is fighting for life, using the available resources.

Therefore, your task is to maintain your body in a healthy state. There is even a study from the University of Swansea, Wales, which showed that people who took a multivitamin pill for the duration of a month experienced a 68 per cent reduction in anxiety. 

Vitamins and minerals can reduce the effects of stress on the physical as well as the mental level. They regulate the biochemical processes in the brain that influence mood. And our self-esteem and self-confidence also directly depends on our mood. In order to cope with the stress before the event, you need a state of the best mood, the highest self-esteem, and the strongest confidence. Vitamins help support this condition, of course, if you make other efforts as well. The next paragraph is about them. 

Fight Your Fear of Public Speaking with the Following Three Tips

If you are the organizer of the event, then your headache is of a completely different nature. However, if you are a participant, then public speaking is inevitable. As a rule, this is the biggest fear – and therefore, the biggest source of stress before the event. Here are three methods that will help you to cope with it.
The secret of the first method is to distribute your attention. 

A person at one moment in time is able to concentrate his attention on only one object. Accordingly, concentrating on the fight against fear, we automatically lose focus on what we are doing, that is, on our goal. To make this method work, first, formulate for yourself a clear and achievable goal for specific performance. And during the speech, concentrate on achieving it.
The second method allows you to minimize the factor of lack of experience. 

The essence of this method is preparation and training. Lack of training and experience leaves a lot of space for unforeseen situations, and therefore for concern about them.

The third method contains the formula “Do what you have to and be what happens!”. 

Refuse the expectations of vivid positive reactions, the crowds who want to talk or order your product, the instant execution of all your instructions and requirements by subordinates. Free yourself from expectations, make your statement and observe what happens. Most likely, you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Enhance Your Self Confidence with a Great Outlook

Stress goes away when we are most confident in our success. And appearance is one way to artificially increase your level of self-confidence. No, of course, this does not mean that you can take planning lightly. Your best look will simply be an added bonus to your sense of confidence.

Therefore, a few days before the planned event, review your clothes and find the best combination that matches the atmosphere of the event. Moreover, your sense of comfort is very important. Choose clothes that will not hamper movement and breathing. It should be something beautiful, moderate and comfortable at the same time.

Girls should also think about hairstyle, accessories, and makeup, which should not be too bright if it is not a carnival. And it’s always a good idea not to wear too high heels.

Breathe, Meditate, Visualize

So, when everything is ready and planned, the last thing you need to do is to stabilize your nervous system. A few days before the event, take a few minutes a day to calm down, breathe smoothly and calmly, meditate and visualize.

Try to mentally review the course of the event and imagine it as you want it to be. Look at yourself on the stage, mentally hear how you are speaking, imagine the attention of the audience. Let your thoughts merge with reality and fill you with a sense of peace and success. Imagine that the event has already happened and everything was as you planned – let the feeling of joy and pride fill you from the inside. Remember these feelings inside you and return to them if you feel that you are starting to worry.


You can rest assured that even world-famous personalities experience stress before important performances, meetings, and concerts. Any important event will always be stressful – and it is also worth accepting this fact. However, you can reduce the impact of stress on you by carefully preparing and planning, supporting friends and family, and attentive care of your health.

Written by Tiffany Porter

Tiffany Porter has been working as a Chief Writer at Online Writers Rating reviewing variety of writing services websites. She is a professional writing expert on such topics as digital marketing, blogging, design. She also likes traveling and speaks German and French.

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