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Wife to celebrated Hollywood star David Oyelowo, Jessica Oyelowo announces the release of her highly anticipated LP titled ‘Mother’ (M)other – The Album to be released on May 12, 2023. 

In addition to releasing (M)other – The Album, Jessica, a celebrated TV & film producer, actress, singer, and songwriter will also launch (M)otherness – The Podcast this summer.

“While my album (M)other is the soundtrack for mothers globally, the podcast will be a powerful space for mothers to share their unique experiences and stories.” 

Jessica O

More About (M)other Project

Through music, storytelling, and intimate conversations with other mothers, Jessica is exploring motherhood’s joy, challenges, and complexities. “I wrote the songs on (M)other charting my personal story as a Mom of four exquisite humans,” shares Jess O. “Each song explores a different aspect of Motherhood and relationships! Although the songs are personal to me, they will be relatable to the 2.2 billion Mothers on Earth right now who have shared emotions and experiences.” 

Each episode of (M)otherness-The Podcast is introduced by a song on the album, followed by intimate conversations exploring the song’s theme with the mother guest. The podcast includes discussions with the world’s most accomplished women who are billionaires, business tycoons, producers, directors, and sometimes a combination of all those things. “On (M)otherness, we are all Mothers!” shares Jess. “Every friend I’ve invited acknowledges that nothing is more important in their lives than their children.” Confirmed guests include Bryce Dallas Howard, Barbara Broccoli, Gayle King, Gigi Pritzker, Kate Mara, and Olivia Munn.

Affectionately known as Jess O, the devoted mother of four calls being her husband David’s plus one for over 24 years a blessing. She understands first-hand the joys and challenges of parenthood alongside the “otherhood” of being a Hollywood wife. On (M)other-The Album, she explores these experiences through a collection of original songs that capture the genuine emotions of motherhood. With an impressive range of musical styles and themes, (M)other – The Album is the perfect blend of heartfelt lyrics and soulful sound. This album celebrates motherhood and will resonate with parents and anyone who appreciates the beauty of unconditional love

Jessica Oyelowo Presents (M)other – The Album and (M)otherness: The Podcast are heartfelt projects that inspire, uplift, and connect mothers everywhere. “Being loved and loving is the ultimate center of everything I do. This project is a testament to the powerful bond between mothers and their children. Ultimately, I want women to be respected, honored, and empowered.” (M)other – The Album will be available on May 12th on all major streaming platforms. (M)otherness: The Podcast will begin broadcasting on all major podcast platforms Summer 2023.

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About Jessica Oyelowo

Jessica Oyelowo is a multi-faceted artist whose projects highlight her acting, producing, singing and writing talents. She started her career on stage starring in theatrical roles: “The Threepenny Opera,” “Cyrano De Bergerac,” “Up On The Roof,” “Ana In Love,” Shakespeare’s “As You Like It,” and appearing in Wilson Milan’s West End production of Hurly Burly. She soon added film and television to her resume with Tim Burton’s “Sleepy Hollow” and “Alice In Wonderland,” “The Water Man,” “A United Kingdom,” “Captive,” “Mayo,” and “Murphy’s Law.” She is the co-chief executive officer of Yoruba Saxon, a production company she founded with her husband, David. Oyelowo premiered her song, “What Love Does,” alongside the release of the Yoruba Saxon-produced film “The Water Man,” currently streaming on Netflix, and wrote three additional tracks for the film’s original soundtrack. She is also the executive producer of the limited series Paramount film, “Bass Reeves.” Jessica lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their four children. 

Written by Perry Martins

Perry Martins, officially known as Martins Okonkwo is One of Africa's foremost Gospel Music and Christian Entertainment blogger. He is Tony Elumelu Foundation Alumni and a Young African Leaders Initiative Alumni.
Perry is also a Radio and TV host on Gospotainment Radio.

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