My Bode Thomas Experience, a lesson on Trust.

trust issues

Shortly after I finished University, while awaiting my NYSC, I got bored at home and decided to search for a Job, I made a call to someone who had come to give us a talk at our Final year talk in  the University, he referred me to someone at Bode Thomas,Surulere.

On leaving the house, I had left with just N500, I live in a part of Lagos which is actually far from the Town, while going, I kept asking myself how I would get back from the venue, as the N500 would only take me to the venue, still I went, trusting that my needs would be met.

I got to the venue on time, (wait, why would I not even get there on time, was it not interview I came for, lol) I admired all of the chandeliers, the bright light, decoration, …. oh! less I forget, it was an event management company, they were a top notch event firm, the office was small but then, it had an amazing sight, it was properly managed and beautifully decorated, the ambience would make you forget you were in Surulere, I was thinking of how the interview would go, when I was interrupted by the arrival of the HR(Human resource) personnel,  I greeted her, to which she responded and stepped into her office.

Some minutes later, I was called in, the interview went well as she made me so comfortable during the whole process, within minutes the interview was over.

 As I stepped out of the office, reality stuck, I had different thoughts running through and the idea of what could possibly happen, sprang through my mind, tears had started to well up in my eyes, …….”Ore!!!….” my emotions were disturbed by a feminine voice, it was the HR lady, who had interviewed me.

So during the interview, it happened that it became so interactive, that she told me about her career journey, and how she was getting married soon, well she called me now, why could she possibly be calling me, was it to invite me for her wedding ? or did I forget something?

“Hi Ore” , she said, “I don’t know, but I feel you would need this’, she squeezed a new mint of N500 note in my hand,  I had thanked her severally, if I can picture my face, I would say it was like that of a chubby  I 0 year old who was almost crying….I know right.

As I stepped out that day on Bode Thomas, my eyes were filled with laughter, the tears had disappeared, I was shocked, like you mean, you made me find favor with an HR person who I had never met, then you prompted her to give me Transport fare, I stepped out on the street, I was smiling and almost screaming. 

Wait, you mean, you just helped me…..what !!! “Thank you father!”you are just so mindful of me, There is no mountain you cant climb chasing after me.

Trust in God, then rest, then Trust again, then rest and trust again, God will definitely come through for you. He’s got you back.One thing God requires from us is to trust him in the process, you might not understand how things would span out, just me, I had no Idea where help would come from but choose to trust him and he will come through for you.

Written by Oreoluwa Adelowo

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