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My Life is in Your Hands - Purist Ogboi

“Purist Ogboi’s Latest Release, ‘My Life Is in Your Hands’: A Powerful Anthem of Perseverance and Divine Guidance”

Purist Ogboi, renowned for her captivating vocals and profound messages, unveils her latest single, “My Life Is in Your Hands.” This track marks the fourth installment from her acclaimed project, “The Gratitude Project,” recorded Live in London.

In her statement, Purist expresses her conviction that “My Life Is in Your Hands” will serve as a source of encouragement for listeners, urging them to persevere in prayer. With its poignant lyrics and emotive melody, the song is a dedicated offering to all who seek divine assistance in their lives.

For those navigating challenges and seeking solace in faith, “My Life Is in Your Hands” offers a beacon of hope. As Purist Ogboi’s latest release, it exemplifies her commitment to delivering spiritually uplifting music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Experience the transformative power of “My Life Is in Your Hands” and embrace its message of unwavering trust in divine guidance.

Download Mp3:

Written by Purist Ogboi
Produced by Evans Ogboi for Simplicity Records London Uk.

Written by Samuel GodAnswers

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