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T.D. Jakes to the aid of Parents

BISHOP TD Jakes 2020

Pastor, preacher, teacher, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur, T.D. Jakes is the founder and general overseer of The Porter’s House Dallas and author of many best seller books. T.D. Jakes ministry as of 25th June, has created a program through United Megacare with the aim to help parents having difficulties to feed their child/children, by making available school meal pick up sites where parents can go and get food.

United MegaCare, Inc. (UMC) is a compassionate organization and finds inspiration from its founder T. D. Jakes. Since 1997, United MegaCare has served vulnerable communities and the disadvantaged locally, nationally and globally. T.D. Jakes has been instrumental in casting vision for a philanthropic effort to become transformational in the lives of the underserved, his heartfelt stamp upon United MegaCare is profound and lasting as the organization continues to strive for global impact.

Today, United MegaCare is an independent, tax-exempt, not-for-profit [501 (c)3] humanitarian and philanthropic organization that serves the most vulnerable and at-risk members of society.


Our mission is to transform and empower lives through hope, practice and partnership.

Focus Areas

United MegaCare deploys best practices and social entrepreneurship with accountability to deliver high caliber services and programming across its areas of focus: education, health and wellness, secure families, and disaster resiliency.

  • Education

We believe the attainment of a quality education is the foundation for a good quality of life.

  • Secure Families

We believe in building strong families, which creates resilient communities.

  • Health & Wellness

We believe that good health contributes to an improved quality of life.

  • Disaster Resiliency

We believe in serving as a conduit for those adversely impacted by natural disasters.


One of the ways that we equip underserved populations to be more self-sufficient is achieved by our construction efforts. Through strategic partnerships, United MegaCare has successfully constructed a 10-mile pipeline to provide clean water for the people of Kenya. Additionally, our team has built 14 water stations to combat water scarcity in Africa. Leveraging our international partnerships, United MegaCare has also played an integral role in helping people obtain access to quality healthcare, NYGoodHealth. To this end, our team built a three-story wing in Nairobi’s Melchizedek Hospital. United MegaCare also provided medical equipment critical to patient care.

United MegaCare is equipped to break the barriers that prevent individuals from thriving in life. We care in a big way.

Written by Diana Emah

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