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You Are Worthy [music & video] beautiful song by Joy Oiboh

You Are Worthy by Joy Oiboh

“The Queen of Worship,” Joy Oiboh, renowned for her profound devotion to genuine and spiritual worship, has just unveiled her latest gospel single, “You are Worthy.” Following the success of her uplifting track “Hossana,” released just six months ago, Joy has earned the title of an international gospel singer. “Hossana” has resonated deeply with listeners, becoming a cherished worship anthem that uplifts and inspires.

Joy Oiboh’s musical offerings are distinctly guided by the Holy Spirit, emanating from the throne of mercy. Her newest release, “You are Worthy,” is poised to be another masterpiece that transcends the mundane, ushering listeners into a realm of spiritual worship.

Produced by the talented Ebenezer Iremi, “You are Worthy” stands as a testament to Joy’s commitment to delivering soul-stirring and spiritually enriching music. As “The Queen of Worship,” Joy Oiboh continues to establish herself as a prominent figure in the international gospel music scene.

Listeners are invited to experience the divine essence of “You are Worthy” and immerse themselves in the profound spirituality that characterizes Joy Oiboh’s musical journey. With a track record of songs that touch the soul and elevate the spirit, Joy’s latest release is bound to resonate with those seeking a genuine connection with worship.

Stay tuned for the transformative experience that awaits as Joy Oiboh’s “You Are Worthy” takes its place among the repertoire of impactful gospel music. Embrace the spiritual journey and let the music elevate your connection with the divine.

Watch the “You Are Worthy” Music Video Below;

You Are Worthy by Joy Oiboh

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Connect with Joy Oiboh:

Facebook: Joy Oiboh
Instagram: @joyoiboh
Tiktok: @joynikky3_realoiboh

Written by Samuel GodAnswers

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