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25 Year Old Shared Testimony Of Heaven and Hell

25 Year Old Shared Testimony Of Heaven and Hell 1

25 Year Old Shared Testimony Of Heaven and Hell 2

We all have at least once wondered what happens when we die. Josh Miles shared a testimony of experiencing what happens when we die. Pastor Kyle Searcy of Fresh Anointy house of worship during his sermon series” Shine: Living A Life That Matters In Eternity“, interviewed 25-year-old Josh Miles and his father Willie Miles.

On January 3rd, Josh after work was rushed to the hospital by his father as instructed by God after his temperature spiked to 106 degrees. His father during the interview said while rushing to the hospital Josh lost consciousness. Josh said he remembered his soul leaving his body and floating in the air ,then later saw himself falling to hell. He vividly described hell to be hot without fire he said ” It is like glowing molten rocks, you feel the heat but you won’t pass out. You feel extremely hungry, it is everything bad you can imagine, you can’t breathe nor talk, and you loose your mind as images of your worst thoughts go through your mind”. He went on and said there are a lot of people and a lot of screaming, there is begging for God to save you but at the same time you know it is too late.

After a while Josh said he found himself ascending to heaven which took a while and the first thing he saw was God’s throne before him. He described heaven to be ” a place with the purest light, no shadows, the throne of God surrounded by animals with a strong presence and you don’t remember anything. All you want to do is serve God”.

Josh later felt himself falling back to earth and back to his body. When he woke up, the doctor informed him he experienced a heart attack, stroke and seizures.

Pastor Kyle Searcy before he made an altar call, asked Josh what is the advice he could give and he said:

 ” Being dead is not the worst thing, but the worst thing is where you go. You got to get things together and be obedient”

Josh emphasized.

” To get serious and get focused”.

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