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[Music & Video] Blessed: Epic release by Joanna

Blessed by Joanna

US-based Nigerian Gospel singer Joanna has launched her latest single, “BLESSED,” marking a powerful start to 2024. The track serves as an affirmation of the inherent rights and privileges of every child of God, delivering a proclamation of faith and an anthem of praise. Joanna’s message is clear – as the words of the song are uttered, they begin to manifest in daily life, bringing blessings and victories.

In “BLESSED,” Joanna emphasizes the idea that despite challenges, believers flourish and are always victorious. The song radiates positivity, reinforcing the notion that as children of God, they are truly blessed.

Joanna Eregie, the talent behind the music, is not only a Gospel singer but also a mother, wife, Deaconess with Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel), an entrepreneur, and a songwriter. Her previous single, “Ephphatha,” released in 2023, gained widespread acclaim within the Christian community, establishing Joanna as a notable figure in the gospel music scene.

The production credits for “BLESSED” include Joanna as the songwriter, SCOJ as the producer, and Pastor Nanna Solomon as the Music Director. The executive producer for the single is Effexd10, ensuring a collaborative effort to deliver a spiritually uplifting musical experience.

As Joanna continues to make her mark in the gospel music landscape, “BLESSED” is now available for listeners on various digital platforms. Stay tuned for a transformative musical journey that affirms faith, celebrates victories, and reinforces the blessed nature of believers.

Watch “Blessed” Music Video Below;

Blessed by Joanna

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Music Lyrics:

The lines are falling into me
In pleasant places
Am more than a conqueror
I know am blessed

Praise the lord
Am more than a conqueror
I know am blessed

Am winning
I flourish
Am favored
Am reigning
Everything I touch is blessed

Am blessed
Am blessed

Everything I touch is blessed

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