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“BECAUSE OF YOU” – Beautiful song released by PETRINA PACHECO


“Because of You”

Introduction: Today marks the highly anticipated release of Petrina Pacheco’s latest single, “Because of You,” from her album “I’m Not Her Anymore.” The track is now available on Christian AC and Inspirational radio formats, marking a significant moment for Christian music enthusiasts.

Collaborative Creation: A powerful collaboration between Petrina Pacheco, John Chisum, and David Baroni, “Because of You” was brought to life under the production of Chris Springer for iNOV8 Productions, Inc. This synergy promises a song that resonates with the Christian community globally.

Testimony of Faith and Transformation: “Because of You” serves as a testimony to faith and transformation, echoing Petrina Pacheco’s personal journey from struggles to a life filled with purpose. The song joins a series of impactful releases like “I’m Not Her Anymore,” “My Savior,” “Be The Light,” “I Can Feel Your Presence,” and “Surrender,” all of which have made waves on the Christian Radio Chart.

Message of Hope and New Beginnings: The lyrics of “Because of You” delve into Petrina’s profound transformation, expressing gratitude and breaking free from the chains of the past. The song is expected to resonate with audiences globally, offering a message of hope and new beginnings, aligning with Petrina’s overarching theme of overcoming adversity through faith.

Petrina Pacheco’s Inspirational Journey: Born and raised in Kiln, Mississippi, Petrina’s life story is a testament to overcoming adversity through faith. Her music reflects this journey, and “Because of You” stands as the latest chapter, narrating her path from personal struggles to a life dedicated to faith and purpose.

Availability and Radio Impact: “Because of You” is now available for streaming and download on major platforms. Christian radio stations worldwide are encouraged to add this inspiring track to their playlists, following the success of Petrina’s previous releases that have left a mark on the Christian Radio Chart.

About Petrina Pacheco: Petrina Pacheco, hailing from Kiln, Mississippi, is a distinguished Christian artist known for her soulful music and powerful testimony. Alongside her husband, James, she is also the founder of several outreach ministries, showcasing her commitment to supporting those in need. Through her songs, Petrina shares her transformative journey, spreading a message of hope and redemption.

Conclusion: “Because of You” not only adds another powerful track to Petrina Pacheco’s repertoire but also reinforces her position as a beacon of inspiration in the Christian music scene. As the single becomes available globally, it promises to touch the hearts of listeners, offering a profound message of faith, gratitude, and the possibility of new beginnings.

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