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Chinese Communist Govt Tells Christians Not to Celebrate Christmas This Year

The Chinese Christmas season was much different this year as the Communist Party remains steadfast in its efforts to eliminate Christianity from the country.

Bitter Winter reports that pastors and priests were told not to lead Christmas celebrations inside houses of worship or from private residences.

A sign outside of one church’s gate reads

“Due to the pandemic, all church activities have been halted.”

Additionally, Christians attempting to celebrate the holiday at a shopping mall in Fujian Province were interrupted when police intervened, then informed everyone that singing was forbidden, International Christian Concern reports.

Even Chinese schools informed students that Christmas should not be observed, including a gift exchange.

Shenzhen University located in the Nanshan district informed staff that students were forbidden from holding Christmas activities, hanging Christmas flyers, or from showing Christmas displays on the campus.

Ironically, China took in a larger profit this year due to an uptick in consumers purchasing cheaper China-made Christmas products as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Global Times, some 80 percent of the world’s Christmas products are manufactured in China.

But for President Xi Jinping’s regime, their rules and regulations proved to be prosperous this year as Christians refrained from celebrating the holiday and the country increased their profit by selling more locally made products.

Written by Victor Ekong

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