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Crypto Ban In Nigeria – What Exactly Do You Think The Government Is Trying To Do Or Stop?

When the entire World is moving towards a progressive direction, it’s so sad that Nigeria’s government thinks banning Crypto is the way to go. A misplaced priority if you ask me.

However, I know the Government are up to something mischievous – trust me.

I know some of you already have questions like the one I listed below ringing in your head.

👉 Why did they banned Crypto currency in Nigeria?

👉 Maybe the Government banned crypto so they can have full control of the citizens funds?

👉 Maybe they ban it so they can stop Nigerians from funding Elections come 2023?

👉 Maybe they ban it so Nigerians can keep their Money in the Bank so they can keep enriching the greedy banks?

👉 So, Nigerians won’t be able to contribute funds anonymously like they did during the ENDSARS protest?

👉 Maybe the Government don’t want Nigerians to be financially free because they won’t be able to control them again?

These and many other questions are currently ringing in my head right now 🤯🤯

There’s More To The Banning Of Crypto In Nigeria Really!

Sincerely speaking, I know there’s more to the banning of crypto-currency in Nigeria than the surface reason of reducing internet fraud or ensuring financial security.

I need to know what you guys think about this 👇

Crypto Ban In Nigeria – What Exactly Do You Think The Government Is Trying To Do Or Stop?

Let’s hear from you all as regards this important issue.

Drop your comments

Written by Bright Chibuzo

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  1. The truth is bitcoin and other altcoins pose a policy and governance challenge for every monetary policy organization of every country in the world, their response is what makes the difference. Many countries chose to adopt and regulate, unfortunately Nigeria chose to ban.

    The use of cryptos, in the short term is denying the federal government the need forex to shore up the naira, but in the long run it would have benefited the country in more ways. Unfortunately the people that make this decisions don’t consult far and wide.

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