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DaRap Tradition Set To Drop New Album “The Beautiful Nigerian” On May 29th,2016

DaRap Tradition Set To Drop New Album "The Beautiful Nigerian" On May 29th,2016 1

Many artists have done songs for Nigeria but hardly have we seen any with such details as we see DeRap Tradition, a brand of music expressing itself through African percussion. The Beautiful Nigerian EP has tracks like : Beautiful Nigerian, Power to the People,We Have a Destiny ,Christians, Muslims and Monsters

The EP is embedded in a message for everyone, the old and the young.Now more than ever the people needs a leader, someone who can show them hope and a future to run to,hence is Beautiful Nigerian EP.The EP is a prequel to the main album which will be dropping soon on the 29th, May 2016

Among many issues addressed,the project brings to light the true beauty of Nigerians and how Nigeria will be home of peace to its citizens soon by the grace of God and with love shared among others not minding the religion or the issues surrounding us.Nigeria is a beautiful place to be, If you agree with me download the tracks below :

Beautiful Nigerian

We Have a Destiny

Hope To The People

Christians, Muslims & Monsters

Click here to download the complete EP

Connect :

Twitter: @DeRapTradition

Instagram: @DeRapTradition





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