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young men, do not give money or gifts to any lady (you are not already about to marry) this christmas. give only foodstuff if you can.

ladies, look up to god to supply your needs. that a young man likes you is not a business transaction. stop putting pressure on him.

christmas is not your birthday; it is jesus’ birthday. why are you putting so much pressure on yourself and others?

if anyone is putting you under pressure this december, turn off your phone or block the person until 2nd january 2022.

if a girl sends you a text on your birthday, also compose a text with plenty scripture and send it to her on her birthday.

when you look up to god, there is an idea of business that god will give you that though you may be a female but you will feed males.

Apostle Johnson Suleman on Christmas Pressure

A young man meets a lady and he says,”I like you”. Then the lady will say, “Eh? What will you give me?” Ah!Ah! Is it a business transaction?

And the young man is looking for what to give. Why? If a girl asks you “what will you give me?”, ask her “what have you given me ; How much have you given me? “

I am saying this to you young man now so you spend you Christmas in pain. Your mother is in the village; your siblings have not eaten; your parents are stranded, but you are gathering Christmas money to give to a girl you are not married to.

Can I give a counsel ? If anyone is putting you under pressure this December, turn off your phone and put it on 2nd January. Only turn it on when you want to talk to people that are relevant . Afterwards, turn it off. Otherwise block the line until 2nd January. Nobody should put you under pressure. Don’t kill yourself. Take care of your mother, siblings and family. If there is anything extra, help the poor.

Don’t carry anybody on your head. I am talking to any young man here. Give her foodstuff; not money for Christmas cloth.
If you are preparing to marry or you are in a marriage relationship with anybody and God has blessed you, take care of the person.
But for a person you have no definition with; two of you have no future; nothing at all, let her take care of herself and you also take care of yourself.

I know some ladies are say saying, ” Ah! Papa what are you doing?” Sister, look up to the Lord. He is your provider. He is your supplier. He shall meet you needs. Let me say this to you as a young lady. If it’s still a man you look up to and you believe whatever will come into your life financially has to come through a man, you are limiting the hand of God. That is why you are still depending on man.
When you look up to God, there is an idea of business that God will give you that you may be a female but you feed males.

An idea of opportunity; I have seen young people go into business and they are so blessed; so wealthy; so lifted by God. They employ men and pay them salary; blessed by God.
And all you depend on is what one person will give you.

. How long will you live in handout?
Christmas is coming again; people want to do everything. Church Gist. They are going on vacation; I want this, I want that; I want to just travel; I want to just have a good time.
Christmas is not your birthday; it is Jesus’ birthday. If you are carrying Christmas like this, what will Christ do?

To me Christmas is like every other day. We celebrate and appreciate God for life. Church Gist. I don’t see any attachments or anything. We appreciate the birth of Christ. It is a time to show love to those around.

I am talking to you as a young man so you can have sense. That person you are spending you money on, what has she ever bought for you? On her birthday, you will buy this; on your birthday, she will send you text.
In 2022, change. If she sends you text on your birthday, compose text with plenty scripture and send it to her on her birthday.

This is a house of love; we will take care of one another but nobody should put anyone under pressure. Don’t allow us to lose members because of you.

Written by Bright Chibuzo

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