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Fragrance Of My Worship – Powerful heart thrilling music | AJ_kenny

AJ Kenny - Fragrance Of My Worship art

Fragrance Of My Worship by AJ Kenny

Step into the enchanting world of gospel music with the emergence of an exceptional talent, Afolabi AJ Kenny, affectionately known as AJ Kenny. This rising star is poised to weave his musical magic and captivate hearts with his soul-stirring melodies. At the forefront of his artistic journey is his latest masterpiece, an ethereal composition titled “Fragrance Of My Worship,” a powerful testament to his musical prowess and heartfelt devotion.

AJ Kenny’s love affair with music was kindled in the fires of his early childhood. Hailing from a lineage steeped in musical heritage, he was nurtured in an environment where melodies flowed like a river. His musical expedition embarked on an early note, finding expression in his participation within church choirs and local gospel events. Here, his entrancing vocal dexterity and impassioned performances left audiences spellbound.

“Fragrance Of My Worship” emerges as a musical opus, a radiant reflection of AJ Kenny’s unswerving devotion to the Divine. The song’s poignant verses, harmoniously woven into melodious tapestries, cultivate an ambiance that beckons listeners to traverse the corridors of their spirituality. With each note, AJ Kenny fosters an environment that resonates with the yearning to fully express one’s worship. The track stands as an exquisite blend of contemporary gospel rhythms and timeless spiritual narratives, echoing faith and hope across generations.

AJ Kenny’s vocal identity is a tapestry of authenticity and emotional resonance, setting him apart as a luminary within the gospel realm. His ability to channel the essence of his worship through every lyric and chord extends an invitation for listeners to embark on their own spiritual odyssey, forging an ethereal communion with the Divine.

Beyond the enchanting melodies, AJ Kenny’s pursuit transcends creating mere music; it encompasses a mission to touch lives and illuminate pathways with the radiance of God’s boundless love and grace. This musical emissary’s fanbase burgeons by the day, a testament to his indelible imprint on the gospel music sphere. As AJ Kenny unfurls the chapters of “Fragrance Of My Worship,” his impact reverberates, infusing the industry with undeniable positivity and spiritual enrichment.

Download Mp3: “Fragrance of my worship”

Music Lyrics:

Lead chorus:

This is the fragrance of my worship 

I raise it up to you (2x)

(Repeat chorus all)2x

My halleelujah, my halleelujah

Call: This is my song at the gate

Response: At the gate 


Call: I lift it up

Response: I lift it up 


Lead: To the God who was, who reign forever 

All: Aha aha aha 

 All: Hahahahallelujah, Amen

 (Repeat 2x)

To the God who was, who reign forever 

           (Repeat All)

All: You bi daddy (3x)

       You are my daddy oooo



Oh yah gbowo e soke for Him dancia for Him (echo)


Call: Who did it 

Resp: Lord Jesus oh my God

Call: Who did it 

Resp: Lord Jesus oh my God

Call: who open up the door 

Resp: Jesus oh my God

Call: Who wiped the tears away 

Call: Jesus oh my God

Oh yah gbowo e soke for him

Dancia for him

This is the fragrance of my worship 

I raise it up to you


Facebook Fan Page: Kenny

Written by Bright Chibuzo

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