Geneva Sanders ‘Elevated Shifting’ theory disrupts self-help genre

geneva sanders
Geneva sanders releases new book - Unlearn

Geneva Sanders sets out to dsirupt the self help space with this new book she titled Unlearn : Move From Survivng to thriving.

In an industry that is worth $10.4 billion, how does a new personal development coach stand out? The answer is not pivot; no because pivoting is not enough. The answer IS to break all the rules, all the habits, and all the “learning” you have followed to get to where you are today, according to manifestation coach Geneva Sanders.

The book “Unlearn: Move from Surviving to Thriving”

The ask is big, but not without merit or guidance. Geneva’s new interactive book titled, “Unlearn: Move from Surviving to Thriving” sets the groundwork to the life-changing, internal, and spiritual healing, and energy shifting that sets Elevated Shifting apart. “If peace of mind and positivity is what you’re looking for, then you won’t want to miss out on Elevated Shifting,” states a recent client. And the book is just the starting point. Geneva follows this up with an asynchronous course, “The Shortcut” to one-on-one coaching and there’s even more in the pipeline.

Much like somatic therapy, Geneva incorporates the mind, body, spirit, habits, experiences, dreams and perceived failures and successes as the guide for individualized development and introspection. A student said of Geneva, “It feels like I had a virtual session with a therapist and spiritual guru.” Combining energy shifting, vibrations, unpacking belief systems, and their connections to those energies and vibrations, and one’s interpersonal relationships, Geneva guides individuals towards their full potential of high functioning energy, which creates deliberate abundance of health, wealth, and relationships individuals actually desire.

Geneva Sanders shares insight into her personal journey

Geneva shares insight into her personal journey with the book Unlearn, as if she is sharing stories while chatting with you a coffee shop. She continues to create a unique and individualized connection from “The Shortcut” into her coaching; from her open heart, being a mother to four daughters, having braved this journey once before, or her genuine dedication to your happiness, an enigmatic shift in energy is felt the moment she walks in the room – or pops on the zoom call! This honest trust and rapport aid the success of her students. She is described as “Your empowerments coach and spirit guide.”

“This is just the beginning. The book is the first step but the principles it is based on offer a new way of living” Geneva says. With the current state of uncertainty all around us, it is vital that we shift our perspectives to live our best lives; we are grateful this is only the beginning!”

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