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GOOD MORNING GOD (THE-WAKE-UP-SONG) – A Beautiful, epic song by the thrilling THIRD CULTURE WORSHIP KIDS


“Good Morning God (The Wake Up Song)”: A Heartwarming Musical Journey with Third Culture Worship Kids

In a world that often rushes through mornings, seeking to fulfill daily routines, Third Culture Worship Kids is on a mission to infuse a dose of positivity, faith, and fun into the start of each day. Their latest release, “Good Morning God (The Wake Up Song),” featuring Zion Thompson and Alyssa Flores, is not just a lively and cheerful track; it’s a heartfelt expression of love, connection, and the transformative power of positive mornings.

A Song Born of Love and Connection

“Good Morning God (The Wake Up Song)” has its origins in the daily school commute of Vaughn Thompson Jr. and his son. What began as a simple jingle they sang together evolved into something profound. Vaughn recalls, “We started compiling scriptures and uplifting phrases to kickstart our day on a positive note. We felt this incredible desire to share this rhythm with other families, to help parents infuse their mornings with positive vibes and a deeper connection to God.”

A Mission to Transform Mornings

The mission of Third Culture Worship Kids is clear: they want to make mornings more than just a daily routine. Through this song, they aim to assist parents in instilling a sense of positivity, faith, and joy from the very moment their children wake up. It’s an effort to set a tone for the day that resonates with love and spirituality.

More Than Just an Audio Treat

“Good Morning God (The Wake Up Song)” is more than just an audio delight; it comes complete with a dynamic lyric video that’s designed to get children singing along. This makes it an ideal choice for parents seeking engaging and meaningful content on platforms like YouTube for their kids. The song’s vibrant visuals add an extra layer of excitement to the overall experience.

An Anthem for Families Everywhere

Released on all major music platforms, “Good Morning God (The Wake Up Song)” promises to become the new morning anthem for families around the world. Its infectious positivity and catchy melody are sure to resonate with people of all ages, making it a perfect choice for starting the day on the right note.

Available for Churches:
For churches looking to incorporate this uplifting song into their worship services, “Good Morning God (The Wake Up Song)” is a valuable addition. Written by Zion Thompson and Vaughn Thompson Jr., it’s a CCLI-registered song, bearing the CCLI number #7223905. This ensures that it can be easily integrated into church worship sessions, providing congregations with a beautiful way to begin their worship experience.

About Third Culture Worship

Third Culture Worship was founded by Vaughn and Irene Thompson, and later welcomed Randy Johnson, infusing his unique gospel and R&B influence into their harmonious sound. United by their shared ethos of embracing cultural diversity and remixing it into strength, they’ve coined themselves as “Mixfits,” redefining the term ‘misfit’ to celebrate their diverse backgrounds and influences.

Vaughn, a prominent worship leader and songwriter, also serves as the Worship Pastor of Cathedral of Faith in San Jose, CA. He holds degrees from both Lee University and Fuller Theological Seminary. Irene Marin Thompson shines as a worship leader in her own right, making a formidable team alongside her husband. She is a graduate of Life Bible College. Together with Randy Johnson, they’re set to redefine worship music as we know it.

While the trio passionately shares their musical talents, they also venture into other avenues such as the “I Am Third Culture” clothing line, the “I Am Third Culture” podcast, and many more exciting projects in the pipeline. Their commitment to fostering positivity, faith, and unity is evident in every facet of their work.

In a world where the pace of life often leaves little room for reflection and gratitude, “Good Morning God (The Wake Up Song)” is a refreshing reminder of the power of positive mornings, the importance of family, and the enduring connection to faith. It’s a song that invites us to start each day with a smile, a song, and a deep appreciation for the blessings that surround us. Third Culture Worship Kids has delivered a musical gem that will undoubtedly find its place in the hearts of families and congregations alike.


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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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