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“GUC’s Face Should Be Red & Pale By Now For Always Speaking In Tongues” – The Truth About EeZee Global & Great Daniel’s Abuse Allegation

EeZee Global

EeZee Global is Nigeria’s foremost Gospel record label situated in the heart of commerce – Lagos. It started out in Port Harcourt but moved to Lagos after the successful signing on and the prosecution of its first artiste’s project.

Minister Judikay joined the label in 2019 and the lineup of artistes has increased from thereon.

EeZee Global is the first Gospel record label to offer full sign-on package to Nigerian Gospel artiste including a house, a car and other incentives. Gospel artistes for the first time can breathe a sigh of relief not having to be their own manager, executive producer, A&R while still struggling to provide themselves with basic amenities. All these not because the sponsors were readily at the beck and call of the record label CEO, Mr Ezekiel “EeZee Tee” ThankGod, but because he was resilient to see an Industry for Gospel music. As a matter of fact, he had sold his car and gave up a personal project in order to see the fruition of the first artiste’s project.

From the onset, the EeZee Global facility contains a digital and live recording studio for audio and video recording, so as to provide artiste with a conducive environment and take off the hassles of logistics which in turn will keep the artist’s mind fresh.

Recently, there have been a couple of bad presses concerning EeZee Global, the latest being by the former youngest artist on the label, Great Daniel, where he asserted that he was abused by the label.

For a label as grounded as EeZee Conceptz with multiple artistes, musicians, artisans and professionals under its arm, it is not unexpected that there would be misunderstanding but to say a label whose motive is to bring structure and excellence using Kingdom principles is behind fraud and abuse is quite extreme.

To bare credence to that premise is that in the days when things were more cordial between the artistes and the label, these artistes and their associates sang the praises of EeZee Global.

For example, during birthdays and special occasions of these artistes, the media has witnessed luxurious gifts such as state of the art cars, vacations and retreats as posted by the artistes themselves, made available by the label.

It should also be recalled that at the unveiling ceremony of the new EeZee Global facility, Great Daniel himself gave testimony of the influence of the label boss on his life and family. This was not only in the fulfillment of contractual agreement but going as far as sponsoring his family members as well.

To reiterate his testimony, the label boss during his speech, disclosed the total amount that has been spent on Great Daniel’s project up to the point, which was about N24m at the time.

We placed a call to EeZee Tee concerning the latest development, where Great Daniel had granted an interview and accused the label of abuse, saying he was slapped for speaking in tongues. EeZee Tee refused to give a response but anyone who knows artistes on the label such as Minister GUC, Judikay, Esther Orji and more, will wonder why their faces are not turning red and pale by now for always speaking in tongues during their ministrations.

This was exactly the question on the lips of Chibuike Godson of Gospel Entity, a website for the best Gospel music, messages, videos, devotionals and entertainment, during a media chat earlier today.

“I’m still wondering the number of slaps GUC would have received by now because he is always speaking in tongues in his ministrations,” Godson said.

One will find a sharp contrast in perspective if you listen to what the artistes had to say about the label before things went sour and what they are saying now. It would have been a very vindictive action if the artistes have pitched their tent with naysayers, against the movement EeZee Global represents, just because they feel things did not go their way. We should be thinking futuristically about the collective good, and not selfishly about our own survival. That’s the only way the Mindustry will thrive.

The label has announced its annual concert Gospel Groove 2023 which is coming up soon and has said that it remains resolute and focus on its agenda of propagating the Gospel through music by exploiting Kingdom principles.

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