Harvest America 2017: The Clock Is Ticking, Hell Is Real Greg Laurie Warns


Greg LaurieGreg Laurie, Senior Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, and Harvest Crusades hosted the annual Harvest America revival event in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday, June 11.

At this event, he told thousands gathered that the “last thing that God wants for anyone is to spend eternity in hell, those who reject Him will do so unless they repent” and the clock is ticking before you know it, life could end,” Laurie warned thousands gathered in the University of Phoenix stadium “How do you know you’re going to live to be an old man or an old woman? …it’s not guaranteed.”

You can be a good person and go to hell and you can be a bad person and go to heaven, Laurie added. “Heaven isn’t for good people, Heaven is for forgiven people.

Come with your sins, come with your problems, come with your questions, come as you are. He will forgive you, He will accept you, and He will change you,” Laurie said. “Just admit you need God, say you’re a sinner…you can come back to the Lord”.

The pastor then shared three steps one must take to accept Christ into their life: “First, you have to admit you’re a sinner,” he said. “Every one of us have broken God’s commandments; sin is not just crossing the’s falling short of God’s standard which is absolute perfection. “One sin is enough to keep you out of heaven,” the pastor and bestselling author asserted. “That’s where Jesus comes in.”

Secondly, recognize Christ died for your sins: “You have to realize you’re a sinner but then you must recognize Jesus Christ died on the cross for you,” Laurie told the audience.

Third, repent of your sins: “Instead of going away from God, you’re going to God,” Laurie said. “You must turn from your sin, and then you must receive Jesus Christ into your life. Being a Christian…there has to be a change in your heart…being a Christian is asking Christ Himself to come and live inside of you.”

“Are you going to say yes to him, or are you going to say no to him?” the pastor asked. “This is the moment when Christ can come and live inside of you. He’s only a prayer away.”

“Remember: you will make a decision,” Laurie said before closing in prayer. “To be undecided is to be decided. To not say ‘yes’ is to by default say ‘no’. Is that what you want to do? I hope not. Because if you believe in Jesus, you will never regret this decision – I can guarantee that right now”.

Laurie was joined by top name music from artists including Jordin Sparks, NEEDTOBREATHE, MercyMe, Trip Lee, and Phil Wickham for the event, which was also simulcasted in hundreds of churches across America.

Culled From: GospelHerald

Written by engracedmike

I am Adeoye Micheal also known as Engracedmike, am a photographer,music minister, and also an event coordinator. had my Higher National Diploma in Mass Communication from Nigerian Institute Of Journalism

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