How Are Credit Card Payments Usually Done

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When an account holder uses a credit card, the person takes a loan with the understanding they must pay it back. There are several ways someone could pay a credit card bill.

Mailing a Check or Money Order

The traditional way to pay a credit card payment remains the preferred way by many people. For example, someone receives a billing statement in the mail, writes a check or gets a money order, and sends the payment with the accompanying return envelope. Those who don’t have the statement could provide account and personal identifying information on paper and mail the payment to the appropriate address. Finding the address online might not take much effort.

Upon receipt, the credit card company will deposit the payment. If things go as expected, the payment ends up credit. Things might go wrong, though.

Troubles with Paying Through the Mail

Sending a payment through the mail comes with possible risks. For one, the payment could get lost in the mail or misdelivered. Or, the payment may arrive late due to mail delays. However, both instances reflect a missed payment that could result in a penalty and increased interest. For example, calling the credit card company may or may not reverse any punitive actions. Perhaps it is wise to consider some other options.

One question arises: When are credit card payments due on the account? Knowing the answer helps you send the payments enough days in advance to arrive on time.

Paying the Balance Online

Credit card companies provide ways for people to pay their balances online. For example, signing in to a website or smartphone app allows the account holder to care for payment duties without much effort. The first step involves connecting the credit card account with a bank account, like a checking or money market one. The account holder could follow the steps for making a payment, including choosing a specific bank and payment amount. The option usually exists to select a payment date, as well. Hitting enter at the conclusion sets up the payment.

Phone Payments

A phone payment option works the same way as an online payment. The apparent difference is the account holder calls the customer service department’s payment line. Asking a live person to facilitate the payment is one way to do things. Another way involves using an automated system and choosing the appropriate numbers on a phone’s keypad.

Building Up Perks And Making Payments

Many account holders want to take advantage of cashback, rewards, and other credit card perks. SoFi Invest provides an example of this on their website: “Earn 2% unlimited cashback when you redeem it.” Customers interested in perks may want to pay more frequently since they use their credit cards often, opting out of paying with cash or a debit card. These persons might feel inclined to pay their balance several times a month, if not multiple times during the week.

Credit cardholders have several options to make payments. For example, choosing the most appropriate and least-expensive option works for many.

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