NEWARK, NEW JERSEY) – Powerhouse Christian singer Jada Mayson has released her latest single, GRATEFUL.

Grateful follows the success of her last hit single, ‘Son of God Son of Mine’. Grateful is a delicious blend of Afrobeat and Gospel vibes; perfect for the summer.

Although Grateful is more upbeat and danceable than most of what Jada is known for, the underlying theme and message remains the same as all of her other songs- Giving praise and honor to God for all he has done and all He is. Her fans will be pleasantly surprised by this Afropop jam!

The cover art for this single is also a departure from Mayson’s classic cover arts. This cover art designed by Ekpo Daniel Inniel depicts our rise from a year that was ravaged by a pandemic, civil unrest, wars and seismic political events to a year that we all hope will be better going forward.

Joyful, celebratory and fun,’Grateful’ is a call for everyone to collectively give thanks to God for bringing us all through the dark, unprecedented time that was 2020. “Takes some reflection to understand what we’ve really been through,” she asserts in the first line of the song, reminding listeners to reflect on and not forget the lessons learned during 2020. 

The song was produced by the super talented Caleb Azonsi (Goldenfingerz) and features DC based Christian rap artist Obenewa 

“This song reminds us that we have a reason to rejoice,” says Jada. ‘Grateful’ spans across genres and welcomes all music lovers to this praise party!

stream and Watch “Grateful” below;

Written by Bright Chibuzo

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