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Josh Wilson Debuts New Single “Undeniable”

Josh Wilson releases his newest single titled “Undeniable,” which can be heard below. The track is available digitally and will release to radio on February 26.

On the heels of Josh Wilson’s multi-week run in the top 5 with “Revolutionary,” a song about kindness that garnered more than 15 million streams, the Black River Christian recording artist is back with a message that comes from Romans 1:20, and an up-tempo sound that is fitting in 2021.

“Undeniable” harkens back to that time in Wilson’s youth when he first remembers “being on fire and so confident in my faith and in who God was and is.”

“I believe we have the ability to see God, no matter where we look. When I was young, I remember being on fire and so confident in my faith and in who God was and is.

Sometimes though, especially as I get older, those feelings don’t keep up with my faith, but I still believe what Romans 1:20 says, ‘for since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities, His eternal power, and divine nature have been clearly seen being understood from what has been made.’

So, even if I can’t always see God directly, I see evidence of him everywhere I look, in the beauty of the world he has made, in the songs that we sing, and especially in other people since we’re all made in God’s image.

I’m very thankful for the days when I actually feel what I believe, but even on the days when those feelings aren’t there, I believe that God has made his presence and his love, undeniable.”

– Josh Wilson

Written by Victor Ekong

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