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Keep Me Burning [Video] – Spirit uplifting song by Benjamin Israel


“Benjamin Israel Ignites Spiritual Flames with Release ‘Keep Me Burning’ “

Introduction: Benjamin Israel, a contemporary Christian singer-songwriter and recording artist, has unveiled his latest creation, a spirit-filled worship song titled “Keep Me Burning.” The divine inspiration behind this track is evident, as it aims to kindle an unending hunger for God in the hearts of its listeners. The song was received in a moment of genuine cry and desire for a deeper connection with the divine.

About Benjamin Israel: Benjamin Israel, also known as Min. Ben, hails from Dekina, Kogi state, Nigeria. Born on February 14, he has established himself as a prolific songwriter with notable works such as “Glorified,” “DNA,” “Confidence,” and “Worthless.”

Key Information:

  • Title: Keep Me Burning
  • Genre: Spirit-filled Worship
  • Inspiration: Received through the Holy Spirit, creating a hunger for God
  • Artist Alias: Min. Ben
  • Notable Works: Glorified, DNA, Confidence, Worthless

Spiritual Journey Through Music: “Keep Me Burning” is not just a song; it is a spiritual journey. Benjamin Israel, guided by divine inspiration, invites listeners to experience a profound connection with the divine. The track emanates from a genuine cry and desire for a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.

Artist’s Background: Benjamin Israel’s roots trace back to Dekina, Kogi state, Nigeria. His musical journey has been marked by a commitment to creating spiritually enriching content. Known by the alias Min. Ben, he has crafted a significant body of work that includes soul-stirring compositions such as “Glorified,” “DNA,” “Confidence,” and “Worthless.”

Conclusion: “Keep Me Burning” is not merely a song release; it is an invitation to embark on a spiritual journey. Benjamin Israel, through his soulful and inspired music, seeks to kindle an unending hunger for God. As the flames of this worship song rise, listeners are invited to join in the experience of a genuine cry and desire for a deeper connection with the divine. “Keep Me Burning” is now available on all digital platforms, promising a transformative and uplifting musical experience for all who embark on this spiritual odyssey.

Watch “Keeping Me Burning” Music Video Below;

Keep Me Burning by Benjamin Israel

Download Mp3:

Written by Samuel GodAnswers

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