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Kingdom Come – Beautiful and faith stirring Album from David Dam


Renowned in the realm of gospel music, the much-awaited moment has arrived as David Dam unveils his inaugural album, “Kingdom Come.” Overflowing with heart-stirring melodies and profound messages of faith, hope, and love, this album is poised to etch a profound impact on hearts and souls around the globe.

David Dam’s musical prowess finds harmonious companions in fellow luminaries E-Daniels, Kaestrings, and Prospa Ochimana, as their collaborative efforts grace the tracks of “Kingdom Come,” offering an unparalleled spiritual voyage.

From the corridors of a local church to the grand stages of gospel acclaim, David Dam’s journey has been one marked by unwavering devotion and unyielding dedication. His voice, a unique instrument, carries the authenticity of experience, a powerful testament to a life lived in harmony with the divine. With “Kingdom Come,” the zenith of his artistic evolution is reached, poised to envelop millions in the embrace of his music.

Diverse in its artistry, “Kingdom Come” intricately weaves together the contemporary resonance of gospel with the timeless elegance of soulful melodies and poignant lyrics. Through each track, David Dam transcends the boundaries of age, delivering a universal message of hope, unity, and faith’s unassailable might.

E-Daniels, Kaestrings, and Prospa Ochimana, revered names in their own right, converge their immense talents in this project, a collaborative ode to the spiritual journey. “Kingdom Come” morphs into a collective celebration, a symphony of spirituality that amplifies the radiance of diversity while showcasing the brilliance of musical creativity. Brace yourself for an immersion in soul-enriching compositions, a rendezvous with the redemptive power of gospel music.

With boundless enthusiasm, David Dam and his collaborators unfurl their compositions to a waiting world, each note a beacon of positivity, every chord a vessel of joy.

The grand moment has dawned – “Kingdom Come” is now available for streaming across all major music platforms. Whether you find solace in Spotify’s embrace, resonate with Apple Music’s rhythm, or march to Amazon Music’s beat, this album awaits your ears, your heart, and your spirit. Access the album here and let the soul-nourishing melodies wash over you.

A visual testament to the album’s brilliance comes in the form of the music video for the song “Highest Praise.” Witness the harmonious marriage of sound and visuals as you immerse yourself in the video

To bring this musical odyssey closer to his audience, David Dam sets forth on a nationwide Campus tour. As September 30 approaches, the Nasarawa State University, Keffi prepares to host the opening notes of this remarkable journey. Keep a keen eye on the horizon for further announcements on tour dates and locations, for soon, David Dam’s extraordinary performances will be gracing various stages, illuminating each venue with the brilliance of his artistry.

For those yearning to be part of this experience, detailed tour information is available on Showgear Record’s official website. Mark your calendars, ready your hearts, and get set to witness David Dam as he unveils “Kingdom Come” on stage, live, and in person. This isn’t just a tour; it’s a communion of souls through the universal language of music.

Watch “Kingdom Come” Music Video Below;

Kingdom Come by David Dam

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Written by Bright Chibuzo

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