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Album: Enjoy amazing music ||FAVOURED by OV PRINCE

OV PRINCE I Carry Favour edit

Download: “I Carry Favour”

In his latest musical endeavor, South Africa-based Nigerian international artist Ov Prince presents the soul-soothing album, “Favoured.” This 10-track masterpiece, now available on all digital platforms worldwide, is a testament to Ov Prince’s exceptional talent and devotion to spreading the love and power of Christ Jesus. To know more about the album and OV Prince, click here

Live Recorded Brilliance:
The album, recorded live at the Lyric Theater in Johannesburg, South Africa, captures the essence of Ov Prince’s musical prowess. The live recording adds a unique dimension to the listening experience, bringing each track an authentic and immersive feel.

Diverse Talents Collide:
“Favoured” is not just an album; it’s a collaboration of extraordinary talents. Ov Prince has teamed up with a stellar lineup including Canaan Nyathi, Anieie Ezeimo, Omega Khunou, Takie Ndou, Ncebakazi Msomi, Godwin Omighale, Rosette Ngoyi, and Kings Malembe. Together, they create a musical tapestry that transcends borders and resonates with the universal message of faith and favor.

Behind the scenes, the album comes to life under the skillful hands of producer Newman EA. His expertise adds a layer of finesse to each track, ensuring that the listener is not only moved spiritually but also captivated by the sonic brilliance of the production.

A Spiritual Journey Through Sound:
Each of the 10 tracks in “Favoured” is a spiritual journey in itself. From the uplifting melodies of “I Carry Favour” to the soul-stirring resonance of every note, Ov Prince takes the listener on a musical pilgrimage, invoking a sense of joy and satisfaction in the divine love and power of Christ Jesus.

As you delve into the heartwarming melodies of “Favoured,” don’t keep this blessing to yourself. Share the experience with friends and family, spreading the uplifting message encapsulated in Ov Prince’s music.

“Favoured” is a testament to Ov Prince’s commitment to creating music beyond entertainment– a spiritual experience. Download the album now, immerse yourself in the divine melodies, and let the favor of Christ Jesus fill your day with unparalleled joy and satisfaction.

Track List

  1. Limitless in God
  2. This Kind God
  3. I Carry Favour
  4. Wonder Working God
  5. You Are Worthy
  6. I’m So Grateful
  7. Jehovah Over Do
  8. Amaragi
  9. Taking Over Remix
  10. Odiwo Nma
  11. I’m Favoured
  12. Marvelous Things
  13. You Alone Are God
  14. Miracle Worker
  15. Thank You, Lord
  16. Hallelujah Hosanna
  17. Favour On Me

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