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Kirk Franklin Releases New Album “Long Live Love”

Kirk Franklin LONG LIVE LOVE_cover

American gospel artist Kirk Franklin releases his latest album, Long Live Love, on Friday, 31 May 2019.

He produces another gospel album, woven with new songs, which he wrote and produced, to express the love of God. The album “Long Live Love” explores the concept of the greatest commandment which is of love from the interpersonal relationship believers have with God and Jesus, to the love they have for their fellow man.

Each of the singles already released from the album releases different aura. “Just For Me” is a mid-tempo and stripped-down song exploring the grace of God, while “Ok” is an upbeat and pop-inspired gospel song. “Love Theory” which was the first leading single to be released, is upbeat and nostalgic of his earlier songs. Songs like Idols, which is an acapella-led single about God as an Idol, and Strong God, which is a hip-hop inspired gospel song.


1. F.A.V.O.R

2. Love Theory

3. Idols

4. Just for Me

5. Father Knows Best

6. Ok

7. Strong God

8. Forever / Beautiful Grace

9. Spiritual

10. Wynter’s Promise

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