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Let Nigeria Go – A heart cry for help by the sensational Queen Solomona

Let Nigeria Go - Queen Solomona

Queen Solomona’s “Let Nigeria Go” – A Powerful Anthem for Change

Award-winning minister, Queen Solomona, has graced us once again with her extraordinary talents, delivering a heartfelt and timely message through her latest release, “Let Nigeria Go.” In a time when the nation is facing immense challenges, the song is a resounding call for change and a testament to the power of music to inspire transformation.

Let Nigeria Go: A Song of Hope Amidst Hardships

“Let Nigeria Go” is not just a song; it is a passionate plea, an anthem for change that resonates with the hearts of many. Queen Solomona’s powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics dive deep into the current situation and hardships that have engulfed Nigeria. It addresses the pressing issues of our time, such as the loss of innocent lives and the enduring struggles faced by Nigerians.

The song serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us that change is not only necessary but attainable. It’s a call to let Nigeria go from the darkness of death, hardships, and tough times. Queen Solomona’s dedication to addressing these critical issues through her music is commendable.

The Power of Music as a Catalyst for Change

Music has always been a potent medium for expressing emotions, inspiring social change, and uniting communities. “Let Nigeria Go” harnesses this power, offering a voice to those who yearn for a brighter future and a better Nigeria. Queen Solomona’s song encapsulates the collective desire for transformation and reform.

Through her powerful vocals and poignant lyrics, Queen Solomona urges us to stand together, to let go of the pain and suffering, and to work towards a brighter future for Nigeria. Music has the unique ability to evoke emotions and spark movements, and “Let Nigeria Go” is a shining example of its potential to inspire change.

Queen Solomona’s Impactful Message

Queen Solomona is no stranger to making an impact with her music. Her award-winning career has been defined by her ability to touch the hearts of her listeners. “Let Nigeria Go” is a testament to her dedication to addressing the issues that affect her country and its people.

Her lyrics resonate deeply, making us reflect on the challenges that have befallen Nigeria. The song does more than highlight the problems; it offers a path to a brighter future. It encourages us to unite, to stand against the darkness, and to let Nigeria go towards a better tomorrow.

Production and Collaboration

“Let Nigeria Go” is a testament to the skill and expertise of the team behind its production. Queen Solomona’s voice is brought to life with impeccable sound engineering and musical arrangement. The collaboration with talented individuals ensures that the message is conveyed with the utmost clarity and emotion.

The song’s production values are top-notch, enhancing the impact of the lyrics. This collaboration has resulted in a musical masterpiece that not only inspires but also soothes the soul.

Available on All Major Digital Platforms

To make this inspirational anthem easily accessible to a global audience, “Let Nigeria Go” is available on all major digital platforms. This accessibility allows individuals from all corners of the world to connect with the message and share in the hope it brings.

In conclusion, Queen Solomona’s “Let Nigeria Go” is more than just a song; it’s a call for change and a plea for a brighter future. It’s a powerful reminder of the impact music can have on society and its ability to inspire transformation. As the nation faces its trials, this song stands as a testament to the resilience of the Nigerian people and their determination to build a better tomorrow. Queen Solomona’s music continues to be a source of hope and inspiration for her listeners, reminding us all that through unity, change is possible.

Download Mp3: “Let Nigeria Go”

Music Lyrics:

Let Nigeria go
Let my people go
( they are crying)2x
Let Nigeria go
They are crying

*Verse one*
Onye obioma
Help your children out
Onye omiko
Help your children out
Gbatara anyi oso enyemaka
Nigeria is calling you
Come to our aid(2x)
You’re the only helper we have
You’re the only helper we need
Ehhh baba
Come to our aid

Let my people go
Let Nigeria go
Let my people go

Let Nigeria go

(Let my people go)4x

*Verse two*
Nigerians are crying

they are crying without ceasing (they are crying)

Nigerians are praying
They are praying without ceasing
Children are dying
Mothers are crying
Fathers are confused
Heal our land…

The race is not to the  swift nor the battle to the strong
It’s not of him that willeth  nor of him that runneth but the lord that showeth mercy
Show Mercy to Nigerians

A city set on a hill
Can never be hidden
Salt of the earth , where is your taste?
Light of the world
Your people are in darkness (your people are in darkness)

Gbatara anyi oso enyemaka
Nigeria is calling you
Heal our land
Heal our land
Thy will be done
In our country , Nigeria
Forgive our sins
As we forgive others
Heal our land
Heal our land
Oh our land

If my people
Who are called by my name
Can humble themselves
And pray, and seek my face
And turn from thier wicked ways
Then will I hear
And heal the land

Ooo Nigeria
Giant of Africa
Hail Nigeria
Blessed with so many resources
Ahh Nigeria
Helper of other countries
Where is your help, physician heal thyself

I am a diasporan
I speak for myself
I hunger to come home
Ngwa leeenuuuu..

Baba you let Israelites go
In those days,
Let Nigeria go in our days
Unsit the entity sitting on Nigeria
Cut off the legs
That is standing on Nigeria
Break the hands that is holding Nigeria
Blind the eyes
Monitoring Nigeria
Stop the voice
Speaking against Nigeria
Whoever you are
Hear the voice of the lord
Let my people go
Let Nigeria go
Oo oooo (3x)

Let my people go
Let my people go
Let my people go
Let my people go

They are crying
They are crying
They are crying
They are crying


Written by Bright Chibuzo

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