Most Popular Music Genres Listened by Students

Popular Music

Music is a universal language, and almost every person responds to it. Music has been around for ages, and eventually, it has evolved into different genres. As such, people like different song types, while older people’s tastes often vary from that of the younger generation. In particular, some genres are most popular among learners. Below are music types students love.

Hip Hop

Over the years, hip hop (or rap) has become synonymous with younger people. As the songs evolved, more people started to like rap songs. In the past, people of African American origin primarily sang and listened to it. Now, students of all ages across the world love hip hop and the culture it represents.

In addition, several variants of this genre have emerged, which speak to a wide range of people globally. Hence, learners of different backgrounds can access rap songs of various subgenres centered around various things, including social issues.

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Pop music has been popular among students for decades. Every generation, learners in schools are adopting the prevalent pop culture. In particular, this genre combines different beats and catchy tunes, which appeals to the younger generation. For these reasons and more, teenagers in high school idolize pop stars, which allows the pop industry to keep booming. Young students love pop tunes because they are easy to follow and dance to. Therefore, such songs are mostly played at parties and dance clubs because of their universal appeal.


Like pop music, rock songs have always been loved by learners across all learning institutions and countries. The affinity to rock sound is primarily due to its vibrant outlook. Thus, young people listen to it and want to live a rock and roll lifestyle. Also, over the years, this music type has been influenced by different genres like:

  • Country;
  • Blues;
  • Folk music;
  • R&B.

As such, modern rock has evolved far beyond what it was like when Elvis Presley was alive. Similarly, different rock songs exist in metal, grunge, classic, and indie subgenres, appealing to various people.


Although it may feel like very old school music, many school youngsters love listening to jazz. Being a classical sound, jazz is brought to life through musical theory comprehension and the performer’s talent. Jazz gives the listener a great sense of calm and reflection. Many students use this sound when studying or practicing to improve their writing skills. Likewise, others prefer to listen to it when resting or entertaining guests as background music.

Country Music

Country songs are other popular song types in schools, especially in America. This type of music is one of the few that is least influenced by other genres. In addition, many students love country sounds because of the popular themes used by songwriters. The main country themes that appeal the most to learners are friendship, love, heartbreak, and love for nature. In addition, unlike most genres, country music is calming and primarily free of profanity. For this reason, it can be used by learners on different occasions.


Students of all ages and backgrounds love listening to music. Hip hop, as a genre, has grown to become one of the most listened-to sounds among teenagers. Likewise, pop and rock have always been in the limelight. Also, these genres have influenced cultural revolutions among college and high school students. Jazz remains a classic sound, which is calming to the listener. Finally, country music remains a favorite for many American students. These are the most popular music genres students love to study, relax or entertain themselves to.

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