Music: Jeya – Glory

Jeya is a singer-songwriter, a seasonal worshipper with the anointing to change the world with her sound

Glory‘ by Jeya is a song that talks about the powerful God we serve and his might that men should hunger for his glory and shine upon the earth.

Honour and praise be unto our king
Lamb for the slaughter
Glory divine
Your redemption plan carried my name (carried my name)
What a meek lamb and a mighty lion you are

Honor and praise to the lamb
Glory and power
Great deliverer
Ohhh ohhhhhh

Glory to the king,
To the lamb
The lamb of God

Glory to the king
To the lamb
That was slain for me

Glory (Glory) to the king
To the lamb
That was slain on the cross

Yaweh, hossana
The i am that i am
Was slain for me

We sing holy
(Yaweh Yaweh)2x
The lamb (that was slain)3x for me

I sing glory to the king
Glory to the lamb2x
That was slain

Written by Bright Chibuzo

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