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Music: Julius Etas releases a powerful remix of “It Is Possible” Featuring Bobby Friga, Felix Raw & Sam Ime

Julius Etas- It is impossible
Julius Etas- It is possible

Julius Etas is a passionate singer, songwriter, and Music director and he is consistent in his chosen career.

In 2018, Minister Julius dropped an album titled RIVER OF MERCY with over 10 songs, and in 2020 he recorded a song with Ema Onyx, titled OPEN MY PAGE.

Mr Etas is an indigene of Delta state and he is committed to his gift.

Today, Min. Julius Etas is teaming up with Bobby Friga, the Owo’Do crooner, and, Dcn Sam Ime and Felix Raw to record the Remix of his last single track titled, It Is Possible Remix, this is to tell the whole world that God can do all things for with God it is Possible

In the song Min. Julius Etas, Bobby Friga, Sam Ime, and Felix Raw deliver some powerful lyrics, highly inspiring and referencing the Supremacy of the Almighty God for His wonderful works.



[Intro] Julius Etas

It is possible with you
It is possible with you
It is possible with you
It is possible with you

Bobby Friga [Ibibio]

Afo’do ndiyanga
Andi’tua mbom
Uko ke ekong
Ayanga eyen uwene
Atie mi amono ko Abasi

[Solo 2] Julius Etas

I av seen your finger rewritten my story
I av seen your finger turning things around for my good
I av seen your finger rewritten my chapter
Let your will be done
Let your will be done

I av seen your finger-rebuilding foundations
I av seen your finger rebuilding marriages o Lord
I av seen your finger rebuilding Nigeria
Let your will be done
Let your will be done o Jesus Jesus

[Solo 3] Sam Ime

I seen you doing great and mighty miracles
And by one touch the fountain of blood dried up
Hannah waited for so long, but at your time Samuel came
There’s absolutely nothing too hard with you uu

[Solo 4] Felix Raw

I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me to do?

It’s possible with You

You spoke in Jerusalem and in Capernaum it came to pass

It’s possible with You

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