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Nicole C. Mullen launches Kickstarter to Fan Fund Dance Instructional Video

Nicole C. Mullen

Gospel/R&B artist Nicole C. Mullen is planning to bring a family-friendly dance video to the masses. The singer/songwriter has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $7,500 to produce the video project, titled Let’s Dance. Details on Nicole’s purpose and vision for this project are detailed on the Kickstarter page and listed below!

Let’s Dance!

Everybody loves to dance, but as a Christian, not everyone wants to do moves that shouldn’t be done in public, or to music that’s not uplifting. We also know the benefits of being in shape and staying active regardless of age. Still, many of us do not enjoy traditional exercise. For many years now, people have asked me “Ok, you have three kids…and you’re in shape, How often do you go to the gym and work out?” My answer is “I don’t (go to the gym…I haven’t been in years) …I drink lots of water and I dance”. Putting the right fuel in the body, burning off the proper amount of energy by being active, is a great combination. This is what has worked for me over the past twenty years.
So, after much encouragement from my friends and fans, I believe it’s time to be a part of the solution! It’s time to give others a chance to try what has worked for me, and have fun doing it…Dancing to Christian music! Now the aim is not to prepare anyone for “So you Think you can dance” lol, but to give you fun tools to help you, your friends and family, on your journey to being healthy and staying fit…Spirit, Soul and Body. The goal is also to help equip you and your group with new ways to celebrate!

This Let’s Dance DVD will be the first in a series that I host and produce. It’s Clean, Fun and Fit for the whole family. It’s instructional dance to Christian music, starting with my own. It’s broken down so that even a Non-dancer can learn the moves…and have fun trying. This product will be great for individuals, youth groups, mom’s wanting to get in shape, homeschoolers or anyone else who wants to have fun shaping up in Spirit, Soul and Body!

Members from Team NCM (our youth mentor-discipleship group) are joining me in demonstrating the moves. They also represent different levels of skill. We have fun dancing together, and thought that it would be a good way for you to join us by way of video and someday possibly on stage.

Recent research (conducted by Nike and made public at has shown that inactivity in children may cost them 5 years off of their lives. It has been attributed to 5.3 million deaths last year, where as smoking being responsible for 5 million.Their new study also estimates today’s 10-year-olds can expect to live roughly five years less than their parents — a phenomenon that hasn’t been seen in two centuries.

Let’s Dance wants to be a part of the solution! For fun! For Life! For Spirit, Soul and Body!

Why Kickstarter?

Because most of my creative works in the past have been owned by a record company or a publishing house, I wanted to go a different route this time, and own it myself. It gives me the freedom of doing what’s in my heart and what my fans have asked of me.

Kickstarter is a great way to gauge interest and allow people (like you) to pre -buy the “Let’s Dance” DVD. It is also a way to get the word out and allow others to have a hand in the foundation of it’s success.Your support will help us finish and manufacture the product. Your encouragement will cheer us on.

Risks and challenges

Our aim is to have this DVD finished and ready to ship sometime in April. If there is a hold up in post production or manufacturing it might be as late as the end of April, beginning of May. If we are finished earlier than we expected, we will send it to you even sooner. We will be doing in-house fulfillment, so that I can autograph all of the product promised. Please let us know if we have made a mistake or have overlooked something. We will make it right.

I will also do my best to keep you posted and make sure that you are updated on our progress; and we will make ever effort to answer any concerns that you have about the project.

Culled from Path Megazine.

Written by Joy Okorie

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