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NO DARKNESS – Sensational Melody that will bless your heart |Harley_Ngwa

No Darkness - Harley Ngwa

In a harmonious fusion of talent and divine inspiration, Cameroonian Gospel luminary, Harley Ngwa, emerges onto the music stage with an eagerly awaited debut single that resonates with the essence of worship and spiritual identity. Aptly titled “No Darkness,” this uplifting composition not only promises to transcend borders but also serves as a poignant reminder of our inherent connection as children of God.

Harley Ngwa’s musical journey has brought him to this moment, where “No Darkness” emerges as a beacon of light in the realm of worship music. A seasoned singer, songwriter, and Worship leader, Harley’s artistic prowess comes alive in this melodious offering. The single’s profound resonance stems from its origin, a divine spark kindled by the Holy Spirit itself.

Describing the creative process behind this epic release, Harley unveils a deeply personal connection. He reveals, “I received the chorus while meditating on God’s word in a time where I was literally going through a dark moment. To people I was okay, but inside I was broken. So, I began singing the sound to God in worship from a place of brokenness.” It was in this vulnerable state that the Holy Spirit, in a whisper of affirmation, reinforced the truth of his identity: “Harley, there is no darkness in you. You are light, you are life, there is no darkness in you.”

Harley’s musical journey traces back to his role as the music prefect of his batch during his time at Baptist High School Mankon from 2012 to 2013. This formative experience laid the foundation for his artistic growth, an evolution that flourished as he continued his education at the University of Bamenda. The pivotal moment arrived when he joined the choir of Full Gospel Church Mile 3 Nkwen, finding mentorship and guidance within the nurturing environment of the Davids Band music ministry.

The heartwarming rendition of this song was brought to life by the talented hands of Efe Mac Roc, an accomplished music producer with a knack for shaping melodies into timeless creations. The single stands as a testament to Harley’s unwavering faith, his dedication to his craft, and the profound impact of God’s grace on his artistic journey.

As a testament to the digital age’s boundless accessibility, “No Darkness” is now available on various streaming platforms, ensuring that its message of light and spiritual revelation can reach hearts and souls across the globe. Harley Ngwa’s debut single serves as a testimony to the transformative power of music and worship, weaving together lyrics and melodies that inspire, uplift, and ultimately remind us of our divine heritage as children of light.

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No Darkness by Harley Ngwa

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Music Lyrics:

No darkness in you, No darkness in you

You are Light, you are Life 

No darkness in you 


No darkness in you (No darkness oh…) No darkness in you 

Say (you are light, you are life)

Ohhhh(No darkness in you)

Common right where you are, lift up your voice say….

No darkness in you (no darkness oh no darkness oh),

no darkness in you


Say (you are light), You are life(hehhhhh)

NO darkness in you (common right where you are, lift up your voice say…) 

No darkness in you (No darkness ohhhh)

No darkness in you (in you, you are you are you are you are you are you are you are)

You are light you are life 

No darkness in you

NO darkness in you

NO darkness in you

In him was life and the life was the light of men 

Somebody right where you are just lift up your worship and say

NO darkness (no no no) ohhh ohh

No darkness in you, you are

You are light (tell Him), you are life 

No darkness in you


GLORY GLORY (somebody lift up your voice and give glory to the one who is life)


Say you are you are you are light; you are life (You are light you are life)

No darkness in you 


We give you glory (GLORY HALLELUJAH)

We give you glory lord (Glory Hallelujah)

Somebody right where you are lift up your voice say(You are light YOU are Life)

No darkness in you 

GLORY Halleee

(Glory Hallelujah)

Glory Hallelujah

You are Light You are Life

(Gloryyy) No darkness in you

Somebody lift up your worship right where you are (You are light)

(Shine jesus shine) 

Shine bright shine bright (no darkness in you)

No darkness in you

Give him glory give him glory

We give you Glory

We give you glory

We give you glory lord 

You are light oohhhh ah…

You are light 

You are life 

No darkness in you 

Glory to God in the highest 

Connect with Harley Ngwa:

Facebook Fan Page: Ngwa
YouTube: Ngwa

Written by Bright Chibuzo

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